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Our Story

Having your own home and being able to live the life you’ve always wanted is something we at Velo Vision have lived continuously by. We believe in a luxurious British lifestyle that gets us the best in our world. Velo Visiion has faith in harmony between modern amenities and nature and cares about your life and the things that bring you happiness.

At Velo Vision, we offer honest reviews about all the products that can make your life easy, yet fun without harming the environment around you. We aim to help revolutionise modern living with a green ecology so that we can save our planet and coexist in peace.

To this aim, we help by reviewing products that will fetch you a great value for your money, without causing harm to your home and your loved ones. Velo Vision makes accurate comparisons based on our personal experiences side-by-side with user reviews from across the UK.


Our Ethos

We have a talented team of dedicated and highly enthusiastic people that try out the products being reviewed. They especially loved trying out all the inflatable hot tubs! All the products displayed on our site have been personally checked for manufacturers’ claims about quality, quantity, weight, height, width, pigmentations, and toxicity levels.

Since we sample each of the products before we display them on our site, we do take time, energy and effort to get you an authentic review.

Please be assured that all our opinions, views, pros, and cons, are entirely our own and we do not depend upon external reviewers for our surveys. We also do not claim to have identical results as other reviewers for the same products. Each of our reviews is based solely upon the sampling done by our team.

Once we get the products delivered to us, we physically check the packaging, condition, model number, and quality of each item. We also do a spot check of the electrical equipment and try to assemble the products by hand. Our time estimates are based on the real time that it has taken us to assemble and install the product.

All our reviews are weighed per durability, smell, physical quality, quantity, shape, size, efficiency, and the look and feel of the product post installation.

Our Writers


Rhys Davis

Rhys Davis is the co-owner of Velo Vision. He has 14+ years of experience in reviewing and testing and has worked as a Quality Officer in several companies. He has insight into several quality checks and is a Six Sigma black belt.

Education-wise, Rhys has completed his Mechanical Engineering from a reputed British University and realized his passion for Quality Control after he received a few faulty products. He believes in getting a good value for the pound and despises fake claims.

His wife pushed him into pursuing a career in Quality, which he then transformed into his own successful venture. Doing this, is also his way of ensuring that people do not face the same issues that he once did.

Rhys is passionate about sports, trekking, the great outdoors, and scuba diving. He’s an avid football enthusiast and spends most weekends playing ball with his son and daughter. A family man, he believes in providing the best luxuries and lifestyle to his loved ones.


Bella Lily

Bella Lily started her career as an intern with a small construction company that went bankrupt due to leniency in construction laws. She has seen the downside of cutting corners and the threats it can pose to human life.

She is a communications expert and also the first cousin to Rhys’ wife. As she is close to the family, Rhys and Bella decided to start Velo Vision to help people attain a better lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Bella is an environmentalist at heart and believes humans should give back what they receive.


At Velo Vision we believe in keeping information accurate, ethical, up to date, and honest. We also do not make any decisions based on caste, race, gender, or origin. Our team is diverse and multicultural, and we do not tolerate discrimination of any sort.

If you have any concerns about our products or would like to share constructive feedback with us, please feel free to contact us at bella.velovision@gmail.com.

We are always delighted to hear from our readers. Many readers enjoy letting us know their personal experiences with the reviewed products.

If there are any products or items, you would like us to review, or any doubts you may have, please get in touch with us.