10 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans in 2020

Xpelair GX6T Kitchen Window, Panel or Wall Extractor Fan with Timer

This classic domestic fan fits in windows as well as in ceilings. With time adjustment, a timer can be set to turn the fan off automatically.

Swift air XFLO100T Inline mixed flow Fan

It is a silent fan with a real-time on and off switch. Due to the unavailability of the plug, it can be installed anywhere. This product is appropriate for residential application.

Vent-Axia Silent Fan – VASF100B

With the option of two-speed modes, this fan has a very unique design. You can choose the appropriate speed at the time of installation. Being a silent fan, it is loved by customers.

Best Bathroom Extractor Fans
Swift air XFLO100T inline mixed flow fanThis fan is unique because of it's silent and thermally protected motor, quick fit, easy to maintain nominal price£
Vents TT-150-T TT mixed flow inline extractor fanThis fan is available at an astonishing rate, with mixed airflow, and less noise£
Vent-Axia Silent Fan - VASF100TThis fan has two-speed modes, a timer and over-run protecting features£
Airflow icon ECO 15 240V 100mm Extractor Fan outletThis fan has a dust-protector shutter, is multi-purpose usage, and fantastic performance£
Manrose MF100SThis fan has a powerful motor, modular design and long warranty period££
Vent-Axia Silent Fan - VASF100BThis fan works silently and can be placed on walls, windows and ceilings££
Xpelair DX100T 4" (100mm) Bathroom Extractor Fan with Window or Wall Kit Humidistat & Timer Delay OperationAdjusts according to need, easy to access pulling cord, and an auto cut option££
Vent-Axia 17104020, 23 W, 24 VThis fan has a heavy-duty motor, robust ducting and easy installation process££
Airflow LOOVENT Wall Extractor FanIt is unique owing to its filtering technology, ABS material, and timer mechanism£££
Xpelair GX6T Kitchen Window, Panel or Wall Extractor Fan with TimerThis fan features a classic design, thermal actuator, and silent nature£££


Buying guide to Bathroom Extractor Fans

The quality of the air inside the house depends upon the humidity level present. If the central air is full of moisture, then it will let bacteria and germs thrive. This may cause the residents a lot of problems like allergies, asthma, etc. This is one of the most significant reasons to regulate the humidity level inside the house. 

Bathrooms are considered as the most humid areas of the house. Therefore, a solution has to be found for the ventilation of the air. As a result, several scientists and engineers introduced “Bathroom Extractor fans” to regulate the air of the bathrooms.

Here is a list of the best 10 bathroom extractor fans in the UK to help keep the air of the bathroom healthy and clean.


This list features bathroom extractor fans that are arranged in increasing price points from lowest to highest, which comparisons made for quality, efficiency, speed, and durability, wherever needed. While this is not an exhaustive list, our team has tried and reviewed each of these products. All the products were in good condition in the packaging and are all appealing to look at.


How to buy a bathroom extractor fan

The quintessential features to consider before buying:

  • Fan Size: It goes by the size of the bathroom to ensure that the perfect amount of ventilation in the bathroom is facilitated.
  • Installation type: Not all bathroom extractor fans are installed on a window, few of them are installed on the ceiling. So, choose a fan according to your installation preference.
  • Noise Level: Noise of the bathroom fan irritates the users. You should opt for silent fans.

This silent and powerful bathroom extractor fan is one of the best and cheapest choices ever. The fan can work at the speed of 220m per 3hours. It is lightweight and without a plug, and can be operated live by the remote control and real-time switches. The fan is also equipped with timer technology. You can set the timer to turn it off automatically if one forgets to turn it off.

The fan fit is 100T, which is a standard size of the bathroom extractor fans, and the installation process is quite easy. This variant from Swift air is budget-friendly, and should be considered for first time users. Relieve stress and relax after a long day of work with the best electric showers.


Key features:
  • It will fit anywhere in the bathroom
  • It has a thermally protected motor to double the flow of air
  • It functions without any noise

This high power fan comes in different variants. Buyers can choose one as per their choice. The fan is suitable for bathrooms, toilets, lobbies, rooms, workshops, sheds etc. It has a mixed flow propeller with high pressure. This is the reason why the Vents TT-150-T TT mixed flow inline extractor fan is named as a mixed flow bathroom extractor fan.

Vents extract air flow at the rate of 520m per three hours. During installation, a live switch needs to be connected, and a  neutral electrical connection is also required. Due to its sleek design, it can be easily installed. There is no timer in the fan, and so has to be switched off manually when not in use. To maintain its long life, use it below or at 60W. If you want to take your weight whenever you want consider bathroom scales.


Key features:
  • The fan operates ultra-silently
  • The fan has two-speed modes, one is high, while the other is low
  • Overall at a low price point, this fan is an excellent choice

The fan has a built-in over-run timer with the choice of 2 speeds. Users can choose their preferred rate at the time of installation. Its installation is effortless and quick. One doesn’t need to call an electrician or an expert to install this fan, instead, you can do it on your own.

With its design and perfect finish, it adds a style feature in the bathroom. During installation, one needs to connect it with the power circuit. The propeller of the fan is protected by covers to keep the airflow circulating.

Along with this, the fan has an in-built timer. The range of the timer is between 5 to 30 minutes. For kitchen you can use kitchen extractor fans for the same purpose.


Key features:
  • The timer helps to protect the fan from an over-run
  • Not only in the bathroom, but it can also be used in other rooms like the kitchen, store room, toilet etc
  • Silent fan

This fan comes with a standard size of 100T and an adorable design. If we talk about the power of the fan, then it can extract 68m of air per 8 hours. This means that the fan can run as long as is required. The fan is operated from a remote switch and ideally suited for a small bathroom, cloakroom, small kitchen etc.

The fan is not equipped with a timer, and so has to be turned off manually. It is silent during run times as well as at the time of opening and closing of the shutter.


Key features:
  • A shutter is used to protect the propeller from dust and other harmful particles
  • The round design makes it very unique and loveable
  • It operates silently during all its functions

The Manrose MF 100s is a mighty fan and also impresses users with its high inline performance. The design is significant because of the ducting lengths. This fan is very durable and easy to handle.

It provides a mixed flow and is designed to generate high pressure for high air flow. It has a low noise motor and is not very noisy. If you want quality and functionality, you should opt for this variant.


Key features:
  • It is light on the pocket as it is not very costly
  • The company will assist with any repair work for the first 3 years
  • This fan is easy to install and maintain

This super silent fan comes with a very unique and attractive design. The fan is very quiet and can be placed on windows as well as the ceiling. The Vent-Axia Silent Fan – VASF100B comes with two modes of speed during installation. Choose one at the time of installation.

Due to its strong motor and body, customers hardly face any fault in the fan. If we talk about the installation process, then the Vent-Axia Silent Fan – VASF100B can be installed by anyone and is super easy. The back guard shutter is also provided to keep the Vent-Axia Silent Fan – VASF100B fresh and protected.


Key features:
  • The air flow rate of the fan is 21 litres per minute, which is actually huge
  • The fan is also very stylish and will add a fantastic look to your bathroom
  • The installation process is easy and can be done by the user itself

This bathroom extractor fan works with a time delay option. It is made to fit in any window, on walls and the ceiling easily. The Xpelair DX100T is equipped with a sensor to detect humidity in the bathroom. It is connected with the domestic light circuit and can be automatically switched on with the lights and vice-versa.

The fan is approved by BEAB and rated by IPX5. The Xpelair DX100T is specially designed for bathrooms and shower rooms. This fan also has a manual pulling cord to switch on and off.


Key features:
  • At the anterior end of the fan, it has a naked shutter to cross the air
  • The fan comes in different sizes, and one can select per the size of the bathroom
  • It also has a thermal cut operation which allows it to auto-cut the power when there is no humidity in the room

This dual-speed selectable motor fan is helpful for those who want a very high power bathroom extractor fan. The installation process is ultra-easy, and its parts are easily detachable. These aspects make the cleaning process effortless. The motor can easily be detached without any help.

This is one of quietest fans in the market and is in high demand. To keep the Vent-Axia 17104020 going, you need to enable an electrical connection with neutral 23 watts. The fan comes with a mixed flow and also has very powerful and rigid ducting. The fan is mounted on two elastic straps to keep the motor secure and assembled.


Key features:
  • It comes in a standard size of 100T, which mostly fits all types of bathrooms
  • Fan automatically adjusts the pressure according to the humidity level in the room
  • The installation process is super easy, and the parts are easily detachable

With the compact design and filtered technology, the Airflow LOOVENT Wall Extractor Fan comes in the premium category. Its thermally protected motor is highly robust and compatible with modular designs of most bathrooms. Due to its design, it is effortless to install and maintain the fan.

The Airflow LOOVENT Wall Extractor Fan comes with an infrared remote to control its operations like speed control, on and off, etc. This fan is adjustable due to its timer mechanism. Users can set the timer between 5 to 45 minute, post which, it will automatically turn off. It is slightly more costly than some of the other ones on this list.


Key features:
  • It is highly automatized and ranks high in terms of quality
  • The standard size of 100T makes it compatible with all sizes of bathrooms
  • Its white colour and premium quality of ABS material make it durable as well as attractive

This fan will provide you with a perfect solution for the ventilation of air. The Xpelair GX6T runs on a timer between 2 to 20 minutes. It can be operated on a lighting circuit, as a result of which it is automatically switched off with a cut in the power supply.

The design of the fan makes it perfect for domestic use anywhere in the house. It comes with a front and back shutter to protect the propeller.


Key features:
  • The shutters are further protected with an electrothermal actuator
  • The product is approved by BERB
  • It operates super silently and saves power thanks to the auto cut option