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10 Best Bike Racks for Cars in 2020

Summit SUM-613 Rear Bike Cycle CarrierTwo-bike rack, foldable, minimalist design, adjustable straps, rubber absorber, factory assembled, easy storage.£
Streetwize 3 Bicycle Tow Bar Rack3-bike rack, adjustable arms, compact, strong, and wheel support.£
Thule ProRide 598 Roof Bicycle RackTorque control, diagonal wheel straps, carbon frame protection, wheel holder, upright mount.££
Allen Sports Trunk Mounted Bicycle Car Rack4-bike rack, padded frames, side straps, strong and secure, tie-down security system.££
Witter Tow Bars Mounted 2 Bike CarrierLight and durable materials, wheel holders, load capacity of 34kg, lockable arms and simple setup.££
Swagman XC Cross-Country 2-Bike Rack2-bike rack, tow bar rack, coated frames, adaptable, padded grip arm and compact.££
Yakima Highroad Bike CarrierSupports one-bike, roof rack, crossbar attachment, 20kg weight limit, upright mount, no hatch interference.££
Saris Bones Trunk Bike Rack3-bike carrier, steel frame, in-built strap control, rust-proof, foam padded, largest compatibility.£££
SeaSucker Upright Mount Bike RackTwo-bike carrier, thick and durable, heavy-duty, fork mount attachment, compact size, cable lock security.££££
Thule 933300 Easyfold XT 2-Bike Rack2-bike rack, completely foldable, lightweight, heavy-duty, no setup, extended wheel straps.££££

Best Bicycle Car Rack UK

The choice of a good bicycle rack to mount your bikes while you travel requires careful reasoning. For individuals or families that have more than a bike or has a compact car, putting the bikes together with the luggage might be impossible. 

There are a lot of bicycle car racks available. You can mount some bikes to the trunk of your car where you can visibly monitor them. Others allow you to mount your bike to the rooftop. Generally, the rack has three different methods of securing your bike to the car, and each method attaches to various part of your bike – fork, frame and the tyres.

Selecting an appropriate rack is not always simple, especially if it’s your first time buying a rack. So, we have carefully researched and list out some of the best bike racks that we find perfect for everyday use. The racks were selected after considering the various styles available; roof racks and tow bar racks. The list with their different features will help you in knowing the right bicycle car rack for you.

The Summit SUM-613 Rear Bike Cycle Carrier is built to suitably fit all bike frames irrespective of the size. The rack has an easy installation process, and it is designed to allow a quick and easy mounting to the trunk of most cars, including saloons, 4×4 and hatchbacks. It is equipped with wheel straps that are adjustable to ensure your bike is secure while transporting it.

The bike car rack has a compact and foldable size that makes it easily stored, and it also features an adaptable positioning arm. Your car is very safe from scratches as it has an adjustable rubber absorber to protect your car and also ensure the bike is firmly held. It comes pre-assembled and can be attached immediately. For more must have bike items, check out our guide on the best road bikes.

Key features:
  • Affordable price
  • Compatible with most bike frames
  • Easy installation
  • Designed for two bikes

This versatile bike rack is perfect for carrying a maximum number of three bicycles. It can be firmly installed on the tow bar of your car and can be easily assembled without tools. It can be folded for storage, which means it can be easily stored in the trunk and removed when needed.

The bicycle car rack is made from sturdy, lightweight material and features a firm tow bar lock mechanism. The positioning arms are adjustable, and it is designed to fit almost all cars. It has a lightweight frame and rubber made shock absorbers to prevent damages to the car and bike while transporting your bikes.

The Streetwize bicycle rack fits well with all bikes size and it has a springs design that allows it to fold easily. The rack is an ideal choice, if you are looking for a tow bar rack that has good features and at the same time affordable

Key features:
  • Very Affordable
  • Rubber absorbers for protection
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble

The quality of Thule products has not changed for many years, and this is another awesome product from the manufacturer. The Thule ProRide 598 has always been a priority on the list of anyone that loves to secure their bicycles at the roof of the car firmly. Compliment of the frame holder and the specially designed wheel tray, your bicycle will be positioned automatically after it’s been mounted 

The pressure is distributed through the soft pads designed to adapt to the tubes of your bike frame and reduce the risk of damage to the frame. In order to ensure the stability of the wheels, the bike is firmly attached to the wheel holder equipped with diagonal straps. It also features a carbon frame protector to make transporting bicycles with ultra-thin and light frames. The rack comes assembled and can be easily tightened and released. And It can hold a single bike.

Key features:
  • Extended claw for safety
  • Automatic Positioning
  • Installs on the car roof
  • Padded soft claws

This bicycle car rack comes with a lot of awesome features, but the most impressive feature is the simplicity. It is very simple and effortless to use, and you do not need any technical knowledge before you can mount the rack to your car. 

The arm of the bicycle rack is very long can also be used to carry bikes with bigger frames. The Allen Sports USA can accommodate up to four bicycles, which makes it perfect for cycling with family and friends on weekends. It will perfectly fit in at the back of vehicles such as the hatchbacks, Minivans, sedans and Sport utility vehicles.

The easiest part of using this rack is that it comes completely assembled, so setting and mounting it up is very straightforward. And the rack does not leave you worrying about the safety of your bicycles as it has a 22-inch arm and a system to hold down each bicycle. It also features a padded frame to protects your car, while the left and right straps provide stability. For more great products check out our guide on winter bike lights.

Key features:
  • Built for four bikes
  • Easy installation
  • Solid and coated to ensure durability
  • No setup stress

The Witter tow bars ZX202 bike carrier series are made to simply clamp directly to the tow bar of your vehicle making use of adjuster screw for easy transport of your bicycles. The bicycle racks make it possible for you to covey two bikes with you on your vacation.

It was designed and engineered to easily fit into most tow bars either flange or swan neck, detachable or fixed and comes with arms to fasten your bikes safely to the bike carrier. It comes with an adjustable wheel holder to accommodate most bike sizes.

The Witter tow bars ZX202 is designed to allow it to be tilted with bikes loaded on it to allow easy access to your car booth.

Key features:
  • Compatible with most bikes
  • Capacity for two bikes
  • Impressive load capacity
  • Attachable to any kinds of Tow balls

The swagman bicycle rack offers a stress-free way to transport your bicycles. The bikes are attached at the wheels and frame, ensuring maximum stability and safety for each. It has an adjustable padded hook for different bike sizes that relaxes for a perfect fit. The frame handles have a soft coated surface that is designed to shield the bicycle. And the bicycle car rack can be folded up for compact and convenient storage.

The Swagman XC Cross-Country 2 bike rack is a multi-purpose rack that can easily handle kids and adult bikes, mountain bikes, cruiser bikes, full-suspension bikes, commuter bikes, BMX, Y-frame models and a lot more.

The Swagman features a 2-inch receiver and capable of carrying two bicycles. The Bicycle rack can be easily adapted to different bike frame sizes with simple tire movement. 

The grips arms come with a soft coating to protect the frame of your bikes. It also allows access to the trunk without removing the bicycles.

Key features:
  • Compatible almost with all bicycles
  • Anti-wobble system
  • Adjustable to various bike frame sizes
  • Built for two bikes

The Yakima Highway can be installed on any roof rail. The bicycle car rack is a perfect choice if you do not want to scratch your frame because unlike racks attached to the tow bar, the Yakima only attached to the bicycle by the wheels. Loading a bicycle to the rack is effortless and straightforward, there is no need for an adjustment at the front wheel as it fits all rims and tyres regardless of their size. And compliment of an integrated cable lock, the bike is more secured.

It is compatible with any bike and is designed to carry a single bicycle at once. It offers optimal protection and also features a not too attractive tray that minimizes interference with that hatch.

Key features:
  • Designed for one bike
  • Perfect for carbon fibre bicycles
  • Holds up to 20kg

The Saris bike rack is different from other racks because of its firmly built shape, it is lighter in weight, easy to assemble (can be stored when not in use) and the price is also fair when compared to others. The Saris Bone is made of lightweight shaped plastic and can be strapped easily at the rear of the vehicle than other racks. Even though it is lighter in weight, the rack is still strong and stable even at higher speeds.

The bicycle car rack has a clean and elegant appearance and thanks to the integrated strap system that helps to prevent the straps from flapping. And it is made from materials that are fully recyclable. The saris Bone bike rack is the best choice for you if it is your first time buying a bicycle car rack and you are looking forward to buying good quality at the best price. With the bike rack, you can never be separated from your bicycle. The car rack is compatible almost with all vehicles, and in fact, it has the highest compatibility with vehicles among all bicycle car racks available.

Key features:
  • Material is 100% recyclable
  • Adjustable Arms
  • Suitable for hatchbacks, sedan and vans
  • Carries more than a bike

The Seasucker Mini Bomber Bicycle Rack is different from other racks in that it is connected by suction cups. This may seem unlikely, but each 15.24 cm/6-inch suction cup can provide up to 210lbs of tensile strength, and it includes six durable cups. The suction cups can be attached to varieties of cars, and in different ways, it might be the roof, trunk and rear hatch.

As with other roof racks, the Seasucker bicycle car rack can be used to secure the bike by attaching to the front wheel of the bike. It also comes equipped with different accessories to be compatible with any axle used by your front wheel. Another good thing about the car-bicycle rack is the size, it is very small and can be conveniently placed in the vehicle when not in use. The rack can hold the bicycle with a weight of up to 45lbs.

Key features:
  • Carries multiple bikes
  • Compatible almost with all wheels
  • Easier to mount
  • Works with metal, glass and fibre surfaces

It does not matter the bicycle you want to carry – whether lightweight or heavyweight; the Thule Easy Fold XT is designed to carry all. And it was specifically made for heavy bicycles such as the Electric bicycles. It’s not only strong but also can be attached or store away effortlessly. It is a luxury bicycle rack but also one of the best racks. Every feature in this bicycle rack makes it’s worth the high price. 

The Thule EasyFold XT can carry bicycles up to 30 kg and is equipped with a foldable ramp, that allows you to attach the bicycle without lifting it. It is a heavy-duty bicycle car rack but has a lighter weight than other racks in this category. And when not mounted to the car, it can be folded down to the size of a large flight bag. It also features ergonomic handles that are built for carrying comfort, and the trunk is easily accessible even while the bicycle has been mounted.

Key features:
  • Suitable for carrying fat and heavy bikes
  • Arm is detachable
  • Assembling not required
  • Designed for heavyweights

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