Best Ceiling Fans in 2020

Westinghouse Jet Plus ceiling fan

The fan is a combination of simplicity and sleekness of design. It has an industrial look, which gives it a smart appeal that fits any interior.

Westinghouse Vegas Ceiling Fan

The fan’s unique design makes it even popular, barring the fact that it has a powerful motor that promises quiet performance. Its height (105 cm) is just perfect for any room with a high or low ceiling.

MiniSun 42″ Metal Brushed Chrome Modern Propeller Design Ceiling Fan

The directional motor is best for all weather conditions. The modern 4 black blade ceiling fan has a chrome finish that adds to the beauty of the interiors.

Best Ceiling FansFeaturesPrice
Westinghouse Vegas Ceiling FanProvides soothing illumination and can be used on low and high ceilings£
Westinghouse Turbo II Ceiling FanIt has a dual mount installation system£
Westinghouse Jet I Ceiling FanNoise level is 15 dB(A) and can be used to cool or heat the room depending on the direction of the blades££
MiniSun 42" Metal Brushed Chrome Modern Propeller Design Ceiling FanCompatible with an assembled diameter of 1060 mm.££
MiniSun 42"/ 107cm Metal Grey Modern Ceiling Fan With Frosted Opal Glass Light ShadeNot suitable for use with dimmer switches.££
Westinghouse Princess Trio Ceiling FanSeasonal reverse switch for comfort££
Westinghouse Turbo Swirl Ceiling FanComes with a pull cord and remote control ££
Westinghouse Alloy Ceiling Fan-Gun Metal Can be installed with an extension rod, comes with a 10-year warranty£££
Westinghouse Bendan Ceiling Fan ( 135.93)The fan can be installed with extension rods only.£££
Westinghouse Jet Plus ceiling fan (138.72)Ideal for small to medium places, and suitable for all office and home spaces £££


Buying guide to Best Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great way to regulate the temperature of the room when the AC is too, and the central heating system is too hot. There is another advantage of using a ceiling fan- it keeps the air in the house fresh by circulating it.

They are cost-effective too, since running an air conditioner all day can prove to be really expensive. In such cases, a ceiling fan is the best alternative. It is also popular because it is environmental-friendly and cost-effective since ACs draw a lot of power, thus pressurizing the power supply in a region. In the early autumn or fall, it might not be so hot as to require an AC. Also, you can control and regulate the internal temperature with a wireless thermostat.


Things to Look for Before Buying a Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan could be a decorative piece, but it should also be able to provide efficient cooling. Here are certain things that you need to consider while buying a ceiling fan.

  • You can opt for ceiling fans with lights, which will serve two purposes. If you already have a fan but need the lighting, check for a lighting kit with the dealer.
  • The efficiency of the fan must also be tested. Ideally, fans with EU Energy star rating are preferred to others

DC motor is always better than the other one since it is 70 per cent more efficient.

The fan’s unique design makes it even popular, barring the fact that it has a powerful motor that promises quiet performance. Its height (105 cm) is just perfect for any room- high or low ceiling. In a room with a low ceiling, you can just flush-mount the fan, and in places with high ceilings, you can use the extension rod to install the fan.

The dull white blades, reversed to whitewashed pine can blend with any interior, be it a country, traditional or an ultra-chic décor. The light fixture that is attached to the fan is LED compatible. It conserves energy with meagre electricity consumption of 12.77 Wh. The noise level is a little on the higher side with 48 dB(A), but the performance is unbeatable. You can improve indoor air quality, even more, using vax air purifiers.


Key features:
  • Cost-saving
  • Frosted glass for  lighting
  • Reverse functionality

Unlike conventional fans that boast of a classic appeal, this fan is slightly funky with differently coloured blades, making it ideal for children’s room or the dining room. It comes with two completely different sets of reversible blades, both a delightful mix of different colours- a combination of white and maple being one of them.

Some of the main features of the fan include the pull switch, although wall switch and remote control can be added too. It has three speed-levels, that can be regulated accordingly during the summer or winter. Given the small dimension of the fan, it is suitable for rooms of 10 sqm. This ceiling fan has a total of 6 metallic blades. The maximum compatible wattage is 60 watts. And the voltage consumed by the fan is 230 V. It promises a quiet performance.


Key features:
  • Energy-efficient
  • Maximum air flow
  • Integrated light fixture

A trusted brand, Westinghouse, ensures that its customers are not disappointed with their products. This fan indicates the optimum level of quality they believe in maintaining, whether in terms of cooling or design. Sleek and highly efficient, the fan is cost-effective and saves a lot on the monthly bill. Ideal for interiors of any type, the fan is suitable for small rooms. Made of quality products, the fan is durable and functional.

The blades are designed scientifically to produce maximum cooling. Run in the counterclockwise direction during the summer for maximum cooling and vice versa during the winter for a comfortable interior. It follows the science of aerodynamics to provide optimum cooling and warming in the summer and the winter. The height from the canopy top to the bottom blade is 22.50 cm. For efficient and deep cleaning of everything you want, from car to your pet, see our guide on cordless pressure washers.


Key features:
  • CE/RoHS/GS certified for safety.
  • Brushed Nickel finish makes it durable
  • Easy to clean and operate

The directional motor is best for all weather conditions- mild summer or winter. The modern 4 black blade ceiling fan has a chrome finish that adds to the beauty of the interiors. A guide and installation manual can help you install the fan quickly. The three-speed settings can be regulated by a chord or a battery-operated remote.

This fan is more on the conventional side because it does not have a light attached to it. It must, however, be mentioned here that it is not suitable to be used with wall dimmer switches. The forward and reversible blades regulate the temperature of the air by circulating it outwards in the summer and downwards from the ceiling in winter. Energy-efficient, it is the best alternative to Airconditioners. For more useful home products check out our guide on Brita filter kettles.


Key features:
  • Lightweight at 4.38 Kg
  • Certified frustration free
  • Wattage 50 W

The fan is widely favoured because of its price and modern appeal. The current 3 silver blade ceiling fan in a grey-silver finish with integrated light and opal glass frost boasts of a directional motor so that it can be used in both, warm and cold conditions. The fan comes with a handy remote control, which helps the user quickly choose different options.

This fan is suitable for rooms of all sizes like the living, dining room, children’s room, and hallway. The blades are durable and easy to clean and maintain. The directional motor helps in regulating the temperature in all seasons. Although a complete user manual has been provided, one has to buy the 2 x 40w SES E14 Candle Bulbs for the overhead lighting.

Key features:
  • Opal Frosted Glass Shade
  • Directional motor
  • Low fan watt, 50 W

Ever dreamt of a home interior, designed like the Buckingham Palace? This is probably what you were waiting for. The ceiling fan is not just beautiful, but regal in every way. Ideal for rooms of 15 sqm, the fan’s beauty lies in its colour, a combination of white and gold. Made of glass and brass, it could be a little challenging to maintain the beauty of the fan, but all the effort is worth it.

The fan can be operated with a pull switch, remote control or wall switch. The fan boasts of 3-level speeds; 210 rpm being the highest level. Low on voltage, the fan is a cost-effective way to lead a royal life. The best part about the fan is that it is lightweight and compact with dimensions of 105X105X43 cm.


Key features:
  • Three-speed levels
  • 3 E14 base lamps of 60 W
  • No batteries

Another product from Westinghouse, this ceiling fan is a one-stop solution for cooling or warming issues across the year. Following the pure science of aerodynamics, the blades have been chiselled to perfection to give optimum cooling during the summer and warming in mild winters.

The design has been crafted to fit all room sizes, be it a child’s bedroom or a hallway. The appeal is charming and versatile, which makes it suitable for both modern or archaic interiors. With a powerful motor, the electricity consumption per year is 12.92 kWh, making it energy efficient. Its three-speed limits range from 250/90/130, each consuming a wattage of 50/37/26 respectively. The quiet performance is owed to a sound level of 36Db(A). It can be installed with or without extensions.


Key features:
  • It has reversible blades
  • Efficient in both winter and summer mode
  • Low energy costs

This alloy ceiling fan is somewhat classy with its Gun Metal finishing. The bulb attached to it provides illumination enough for a romantic date. The reversible blades in black and graphite make it look par excellence. The motor is of high quality, making it energy efficient. The fan also comes with a 10-year warranty. It is perfect for small office spaces and comes with a remote or wall control for convenience. 

The alloy ceiling fan can be attached only with an extension rod of length 30.5 cm and 46 cm. Its scientifically designed blades can help save up to 30% electricity in heating costs during winter. During the summer, it should be run counterclockwise to let the air flow outward, creating a cooling effect. During the winter, it should be run clockwise to let the air flow downwards.


Key features:
  • RPM: 218/158/110
  • Electricity consumption/year: 15,01kWh.
  • Wattage: 47/34/30.

The Westinghouse Bendan Ceiling Fan is a popular one for houses and offices. The five-blade fan is remote controlled by choice and has proven to be an excellent variant for all seasons. Without promoting expensive electricity bills, this fan ensures that the energy consumption of the household remains within limits, which makes it eco-friendly too. It saves up to 30 per cent of the total heating and cooling cost.

The main body has a metallic shade, while the five naturally coloured blades make for a contemporary style that blends with any interior – old school or modern. The light fixture does not fail you on a dark day. For summer mode, run the fan counterclockwise, and for winter mode run in the reverse direction.


Key features:
  • High quality, energy efficient
  • Quiet and durable performance
  • Remote control for easy speed regulation

The fan is a combination of simplicity and sleekness of design. It has an industrial look, which gives it a smart appeal that fits any interior. The three-light fixture does not seem out of place, but gels with the interiors of a house or office space. It is ideal for small rooms and is highly energy efficient, saving on the yearly bills.

The fan can be installed with extension rods with dimensions of 30.5 cm and 46 cm. The height from the canopy top to the blade bottom measures 22.50 cm, with a width of the canopy at 13 cm. The convenient remote control operation allows comfortable living. It is ideal for small and medium places like an office room or a child’s room.


Key features:
  • Modern-day style and convenience
  • LED compatible providing perfect lighting
  • Remote controlled