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10 Best Commuter Bikes in 2020

GOKOMO 26 Inch Adult Commuter Bike24-speed gear system, 100kg weight capacity, lightweight, versatile, durable, non-skid tyre.£
Classic M0040 Men's Touriste Commuter Bike18-speed gear, comfy padded saddle, V-brake, mudguard and pannier carrier.£
Kobay-Women 26 Inch Adult Commuter BikeSturdy frame, 21-speed gear, foldable, reliable hand brake, adjustable seat.£
GRXXX Adult Ultra Light Commuter BikeNon-slip pedal, foldable, excellent shock absorber, lightweight, easy to assemble.£
Oksea 24 Inch Women Commuter BikeSturdy steel frame, single-speed gear, comes with storage rack, perfect for ladies.£
BIKESTAR BI-700-SS-02-CMBN Unisex Commuter BikeSingle-speed gear, vintage design, adjustable saddle, lightweight, easy to assemble.£
ECOSMO 20AF09BL 20" Lightweight City Bike7-speed gear, foldable, lightweight, mudguard and pannier carrier, adjustable seat and handlebar.££
Ammaco Antaeus Oxford 700c Men's Bike7-speed gear, 700c tyre, stable kickstand, front and rear wheel with V-brake.££
FabricBike SI-ID2H-5Q07 Commuter Hybrid Bike8-speed gear, lightweight and sturdy frameset, versatile, made with fender and rack mount.£££
ANCHEER AN-EB004 Folding Electric Commuter BikeThree modes system, easy to fold, powered by a rechargeable battery, lightweight, excellent shock absorber.£££££

Best Commuter Bike UK

We all love to commute with an exquisite car or adorable motorcycle, but the expensive involves in owning a car in this day and age is no joke. However, while planning to get your first car, you can do well to get a commuter bike to save yourself from trekking long distance all days. This will also save you the cost of taking a cab now and then, and with this your dream of owning a car in no time is plausible.

Just like a car, commuter bikes are not made equal, so you need to get the best one that will enhance your safety and comfort while commuting. So whether you are getting your commuter bike for the first time or you want to replace the old one, we have researched the best commuter bikes on the market in this article.

Without doubt, SHIMANO produces if not the best, then one of the best bike accessories in the world. However, the Gokomo 26 Inch Adult Commuter Bike is one of the best bikes with great affinities for SHIMANO parts. In fact, the derailleur and the gear lever of the bike are made by SHIMANO. Meanwhile, the bike is made for all and sundry – that is, it comes with a design that is suitable for both male and female. Riding the bike on a jagged road is not a hassle; this is because it is made of sturdy carbon steel with double suspension. 

The bike is extremely lightweight and it can sustain weight up to 100 kg, this double what any traditional commuter bike can sustain. With its 24-speed gear, you can travel conveniently irrespective of the distance. And the non-skid tires make it ideal for riding on any terrain. Plus, the handlebar is well polished so you can firmly grip the handle. Also, the polished handlebar ensures your use the bike for long without any damage.

Key features:
  • Well polished handlebar
  • Very safe to use
  • Lightweight

Built with Shimano 18-speed indexed gears, the Classic M0040 Men’s Touriste Commuter Bike is what you need for a daily commute. With its V-brake, you can glide through traffic without any hassles. Even though the frame is made predominantly of steel, it is not heavy and you can easily carry it when the traffic looks like a trap. Besides, the bike is made with mudguard and pannier carrier, this makes it ideal for commuting on any kind of terrain without the fear of being damaged by the road condition.

Unlike other commuter bikes, the bike is made with padded saddle and steel fork, so you won’t feel any shock even when you mistakenly run into a pothole. Also, the presence of a bell in the bike will prevent you from an unrealistic collision with pedestrians. Plus, the bike is finished with strong grip tyre, so you can count fast yet safe commuting.

Key features:
  • Made with a padded saddle
  • Mudguard and pannier carrier
  • Comes with bell

The first thing that separates the Kobay-Women 26 Inch Adult Commuter Bike from others is the highly comfortable ATB saddle. If you are conversant with a tire, you will agree that DOAT tire is not just an ordinary tire but a tire that is made with high-end technology. Interestingly, the bike is constructed with DOAT tire which gives it grip on any terrain. It also completed with a high carbon steel frame with a suspension fork to absorb shock while riding. Moreover, the frame is made glossy so that the bike can illuminate the eyes of the beholder. 

Plus, the 21-speed gear system makes this bike suitable for an outdoor cruise. Besides you can also use this bike like a mountain bike. Your safety is guarantee while on this bike because it features a handbrake and front and rear with dual disc brake. In case the seat is not comfortable, you can easily adjust the seat height to suit your comfort. And the fact that it can be folded for convenient storage is a great asset.

Key features:
  • Highly comfortable saddle
  • Good shock absorber
  • Equipped with dual disc brake

Made with comfy saddle, the GRXXX Adult Ultra Light Commuter Bike makes riding more fun and interesting than before. Even though the tire is not as strong as equals, you can rest assured that the tyre won’t burst while riding. Second, to that, presence at the front of the bike is a steel fork suspension which eliminates shock and thus making it suitable for use on a rough road. Besides commuting, you can also use this bike for ramp jumping and stunt riding. So, if you are looking for a versatile bike, then consider this bike. 

Unlike equals, you can easily fold this bike for convenient storage. The aluminium frame gives the bike its lightweight property; therefore, it is very easy to carry it from one place to another. For optimum safety, the bike employs dual disc brake and the pedal is made with non-slip design. Plus, it comes practically fully assembled so that you can start riding on the go. And the presence of storage rack with mudguard and pannier carrier at the back separate it from other commuter bikes on the market today.

Key features:
  • Comes with storage rack
  • Excellent shock absorber
  • Foldable for compact stroage

If you are looking for something that can permit you to keep your groceries while riding, then you need to get the Oksea 24-inch Women Commuter Bike. This bike comes with a storage rack that makes riding more fun and interesting than before. Ladies are fond of classy things, in this view, the bike is made with exquisite yet adorable design. Even though it is lightweight, it can support weight up to 85 kg without collapsing. Besides commuting, you can also use the bike like a mountain bike or stunt bike in case you are a sports lover. 

The bike is made to stand the test of the time, this because the frame is made predominantly of steel. And besides, the steel frame gives it strength to sustain any threat posed by any terrain, particularly mountainous region. The presence of disc brake on both the front and rear wheel makes the bike safer to use than any conventional commuter bike available on the market today. However, the bike is made with a single-speed gear system, so it may not be as effective as possible for a long-distance journey.

Key features:
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with storage rack

Even though the Bikestar BI-700-SS-02-CMBN Unisex Commuter Bike is single speed, no doubt, few commuter bikes are faster than this bike. With its contemporary vintage design and brilliant beige finish, you can rest assured that this bike will make you the cynosure of every eye whenever you find yourself. For stability whilst commuting, the bike is made with a hallow-chamber rim. And the V-brake in it makes it safer than any traditional commuters available on the market today. 

Interestingly, the bike comes with an adjustable saddle, this means that the bike will adapt to your growth. Plus, the HI-Ten steel frame gives the bike the strength to sustain weight up to 100kg without any hassles. In spites its sturdiness, it is lightweight so you won’t be weighed down while riding the bike. Plus, the tire is 700c and you don’t need to hire a professional before you can assemble it.

Key features:
  • Contemporary design
  • Single-speed gear
  • Lightweight

To be honest, many things separate the Ecosmo 20AF09BL 20” Lightweight City Bike from equals. Talk of efficiency, the bike is made with 7-speed gear system and thus, you can take this bike for long journey ride without any hassles. At 12 kg, the bike is as light as a feather, so can easily carry it from one place to the other. Besides, you can easily fold the bike inside your car boot and take along when travelling. Also, the bike features a patented folding lock which prevents it from third-party access. 

This bike is designed to adapt to your growth. Why? The seat of the bike can be adjusted up to 98 cm. So whether you are tall or short, the bike is specifically designed for you! Also, you can easily adjust the handlebar of the bike to suit your comfort. Plus, the bike comes practically fully assembled, so within five minutes, you can start exploring the beauty of nature. What more? If you cannot do without plying an untarred road, the bike is finished with mudguard and pannier carrier that protect it against the threat pose by road condition, particularly untarred road.

Key features:
  • Comes with mudguard and pannier carrier
  • Easy to fold and assemble
  • Lightweight and durable

There are different kinds of commuter bikes on the market today, but the kind of the Ammaco Antaeus Oxford 700c Men Bike is rare. This bike combines different features to enhance a comfy yet safe ride. Foremost, the front and rear wheel of the bike is constructed with V-brake; this makes it ideal for commuting even on the busiest road. Secondly, the bike features a kickstand which enables you to place it at rest whenever you feel like. 

Owing to its seven-speed gear, you can use this bike for a long-distance ride without any hitch. Besides, its wheel size measures 700c so can count on a smooth ride even when the road is rough. Plus, the handlebar of the bike is made with non-slip design and the saddle is comfortable enough for you to seat without any pain. Thanks to the high tensile steel frame, you can use this bike for a very long period without any damage. So, avoid those fickle commuter bikes and get the Ammaco Antaeus Bike!

Key features:
  • Made with Kickstand
  • Strong grip tyre
  • Non-slip handlebar

If you are looking for a commuter that is as fast as an eagle, then you may consider the FabricBike SI-ID2H-5Q07 Commuter Hybrid Bike. Owing to its versatility, you can also use it as a fitness bike. For instance, a daily workout with the bike will keep your joints mobile and as well as improve your blood circulation. Unlike other commuter bikes, the bike is equipped with mechanical disc brakes to enhance hassle-free braking regardless of the weather condition. 

On the other hand, the frame of the bike is made of sturdy yet lightweight Chromoly steel, so you can rest assured that this bike won’t be too heavy while commuting all day. And besides, it won’t be too heavy for you to carry up and downstairs. Interestingly, the tires of the bike measures 700c, this provides a strong grip while riding on the very jagged road. Plus, the bike comes with a rack and fender mount, so you can easily add any of your favourite rack or fender to it. Also, the fact that the bike is completed with flat handlebar makes it very easy and comfortable to ride.

Key features:
  • Sturdy and lightweight frameset
  • Completed with eight-speed
  • Made with rack and fender mount

The Ancheer AN-EB004 Folding Electric Commuter Bike is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery. And unlike other electric bikes, it can cover up to 15-30 miles without any hitch. Thanks to the 3 modes, you can choose to ride the bike as a normal bike, E-bike or assisted bicycle. With a 7-speed gear system, the bike can speed up to 27 Km/h. So you can cruise al through the day without any stop in you. Interestingly, the bike features bright LED headlamp and horn so that you can conveniently ride back home when it is dark. 

To eliminate shocks, the bike comes with a high tensile suspension fork and thus, you can ride safely on the jagged road. Due to its folding design, you can simply collapse the bike and store neatly inside your house. Also, the aluminium frames make this bike lighter to carry for all and sundry. Plus, you can easily adjust the seat to suit your comfort. And despite its high functionality, you don’t need to earn a degree before you can ride it.

Key features:
  • Easy to fold
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Lightweight

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