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10 Best GPS Bike Trackers in 2020

XCSOURCE GPS Tracker Real-TimeLED display, in-built CPU monitor, anti-theft feature, mobile device-compatible, accurate positioning, and integrated power supply.£
Likorlove GPS Bike Real-Time TrackerMultiple tracking, tracks travel history, durable battery life, works with 3G/4G and 2G networks.£
Winnes GPS Bike Tracker Anti-TheftSMS tracking, online tracking, good battery life, discreet design, anti-theft, remote control.£
TKSTAR GPS Positioning Bike TrackerApp and web tracking, vibration sensors, displays history route, SOS service enabled, good battery life.£
XOSS Bike Computer G+ GPS TrackerWaterproof, Heartbeat monitor, time zone setting, compact and App synchronization.££
iGPSPORT Waterproof Bike GPS TrackerLCD screen, lightweight, IPX6 waterproof, battery save mode, strong battery, 90hrs data memory.££
Garmin Edge 130 GPS Bike TrackerUser-friendly 1.8-inch screen, weather updates feature, route download and smart notifications enabled.£££
PAJ GPS Power Finder TrackerSplash-proof, route tracking, strong battery, radius alarm, 100 days memory retentivity.£££
Invoxia Anti-Theft GPS Bike TrackerTracks cycling history, compact, lightweight, discreet and SIM card-free.£££
Garmin Edge 820 GPS Bike ComputerAudio prompts, weather updates, group tracking, incident detection, and light sensor.££££

Best GPS Bike Tracker UK

Regardless of the price you bought your bike, there is always a need for you to ensure it is safe from theft. The bike lock offers protection but might eventually not be best for some situations. If you are looking for the best way to ensure your bike’s safety, a GPS bike tracker is a good option. A GPS bike tracker is a device that is connected to a bike to monitor it easily. These Tracking devices allows you to view the bike’s location to enable you to easily recover a bike if stolen.

The devices always have companion apps, both the app and the device help in reducing bike theft through the alert that will send to the owner if there is suspicious movement or the bike’s position is being changed

Most of the trackers have a discreet feature that makes other people seldom notice them, and they are at the same time small and relatively light in weight. Finding a good tracker might be difficult, and you can end up being confused as there are many trackers on sale. But to make the process hassle-free, we have compiled the list of the best GPS bike tracker for you to choose from.

The XCSOURCE GPS Tracker Real-time is a tracking device that has a minimalist design. And like other trackers on the list, it does have a screen of its own. However, it integrates well with IOS, Android and Web. The device is generally designed for a car but can also work for any bike, such as a commuter or road bike. It has an in-built power supply, and it automatically generates information about your location.

The information on your location can be gotten either through an SMS or through the Google map. The positioning is very accurate and strong, and it also positions even while there is a weak signal. It offers more privacy because it requires you to input password before you can make and modify the setups

The tracker is highly affordable and works over 2G network. It might not have all features seen in some tracker, but it will definitely offer many values for the price you are paying.

Key features:
  • Very Affordable
  • Works under weak signals
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Privacy protection feature

Generally, this tracking device is used for cars, but over the years, it has been helping in securing motorcycles and bikes. The Likorlove GPS Tracker supports a real-time tracking through the web, app and SMS, and it is easy to install and will work on all networks of SIM card, whether 2G,3G, or 4G. It has the Geofence feature that notifies you anytime your bike moves 200 meters away from the fence.

You can make an enquiry about your location which you will receive through an SMS or Google Maps. The device is safe for use, and there is more protection of your privacy as the setups require a password. The device is portable, and like some other trackers on the list, its discreet feature makes it almost invisible.

And compliments of its GPS and AGPS systems, this tracker has a greater range and locates quickly while also saving energy.

Key features:
  • 12V battery
  • Anti-theft system
  • Fast and easy installation
  • High precision

This GPS Tracker has the most surprising appearance; the identity can be easily concealed as it looks like the regular Taillight in the bike. The device comes with an app that notifies you when the bike is not in the right place. It also has a hidden microphone built into the light that can pick up sounds nearby, which you will be able to hear through your smartphone.

The Device is multi-functional and features other things such as SOS, voice monitoring, Geo-fence. Asides from the Tracking function it has different Alarm Features such as the Accident Alarm, movement alarm, and over speed alarm. And you can also control the device remotely.

With the device, you will be able to check the maximum of a one-year history of all your route. The GPS is very accurate as it can also get your location even while you are under a tunnel or undergrounds. The more reason you will fall in love with the Winnes GPS Bike Tracker Anti-Theft is the fact that it has a lot of features but remains affordable when compared to other trackers.

Key features:
  • Affordable price
  • Tracking on phone and platform
  • Waterproof
  • Rechargeable battery

This has a similar feature to Winne; it is also a hidden tracking device. It is designed in the form of a tail light, and none would notice it other than you. The versatile device can be used for safety and at the same time as light at nights. The light has been integrated into this device and will switch on automatically at nights

Every time you need to find the tracker, just dial the SIM card phone number or send a text message. After the connection is established, the device sends an SMS with a link to Google Maps. However, if you want to do the tracking online, activate GPRS, set up the APN and connect to the APP or the web platform.

The TKSTAR GPS Positioning Tracker features an excellent battery life that can last up to 25 hours in standby mode.

Key features:
  • Waterproof design
  • Requires a SIM Card
  • Various Alarm features
  • Discreet tracker

The XOSS Bike Computer G+ Tracker is a tracking device that comes with a 1.8-inch LCD display and can be used for various purposes. It can function as a GPS tracker and a speedometer. It is designed to work in all-weather condition with the waterproof feature. The installation of the device is very effortless and can work well with a Garmin mount.

The device accurately records every of your trip, and it can also connect with speed and cadence sensors. It can be used to monitor the heartbeat rate and synchronizes data Apps like XOSS app and Strava

To guarantee a stable and accurate reading, the Tracking device is integrated with four satellite positioning systems; GPS, BEIDOU, GLONASS and GALILEO. It displays 15 kinds of data and has a battery life that can last up for a day, approximately 25 hours.

Key features:
  • Automatic Backlight
  • Performance Tracking
  • Compatible with cycling sensors
  • Easy installation

iGPSPORT Bike GPS Tracker is designed to make cycling an exciting and healthier experience. It is lighter in weight, easy to operate, and it features two buttons and a very visible screen. The Tracking device does an automatic calculation of the sunrise and sunset; the backlight is activated an hour before sunset, one hour after sunrise. The backlight can be activated for 15 seconds by pressing any button.

The Device cannot connect directly to the smartphone through the Bluetooth. However, to connect with your smartphone, you will need to download the companion APP (iGPSPORT APP). You can then connect to the APP through Bluetooth. It allows you to synchronize and download data to the APP. The IGPSPORT has a memory that can store up to 90 hours of data while riding.

Similar to other GPS tracker, the device can help you to track riding speed, distance, altitude, time and the number of calories burned. The GPS is highly sensitive and supports heart, speed and cadence sensors. If you have a car bike rack you can also use it to track your car!

Key features:
  • Display 12 data
  • Waterproof
  • Backlight
  • Two years warranty

If you are worried about buying GPS trackers with higher prices and performance and want to cut your budget a little, then Garmin Edge 130 is right for you. Specifically designed for those who love Garmin but cannot pay for products like the Garmin Edge 820 GPS Bike Tracker. The Edge 130 is also reliable and also has some basic features you would expect to see in all Garmin high-end Products.

This product is a simple, compact and user-friendly bike GPS tracker with a sturdy design and a 1.8-inch screen that is clear and highly readable in sunlight and poor lighting conditions. The battery life is plus as it last more than 12 hours, and the receiver is highly sensitive.

The device features GPS, Galileo satellites altimeter and GLONASS that will enable you to track distance, speed and altitudes while ridding.

Key features:
  • Simple and clear display
  • Live Tracking
  • Turn Prompts
  • Good battery Life

One of the features that make this tracking device a good value for money is the battery life. The tracker comes with a 10,000 mAh battery that can last up to 40 days and could be more when on standby mode. The PAJ POWER Finder features a strong magnet for attachment that is very durable and splash-proof. Asides from being used for the bike, motorcycle and car, it is also handy if you want to track other valuable things such as boat, caravan, excavator, container and a lot more.

This tracking device has a lot of alarm features to send you warning on various occasions. Some of the features are the Vibration alarm, low battery alarm, and a speed alarm. The device comes with an integrated SIM card, so it is always ready to be used you buying it.

Key features:
  • Live tracking
  • Geo-fence
  • Tracks memory up to 100 days
  • Strong Battery life

With Invoxia Anti-Theft GPS tracker you can protect your bike from theft and track it discreetly with the Invoxia app. The device allows you to track your bike in England, Ireland and some other countries under Sigfox. This device is lighter in weight, discreet and waterproof. It is attached to the underside of the saddle and is compatible with most bikes.

This Tracking device is slightly different from others on the list because you will be required to pay a subscription fee only after three years of use. Asides that, the battery life is awesome; last up to three months. It also operates under low power, and the app allows you to track your travel history with the bike.

It features an antitheft system that notifies you when any suspicious movement or theft is detected. Different from most trackers, it does not work with SIM cards and mobile subscription.

Key features:
  • Made of lightweight plastic material
  • Bike tip-over alert
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Three years subscription included

The Edge 820 is the latest version of the popularly known Garmin Edge GPS for bikes. The Garmin Edge 820 is a compact GPS unit for athletes and cycling enthusiasts. The manufacturers are known for producing high quality and multi-functional GPS, so the launch of Garmin 820 has long been anticipated by the lovers of this product.

The GPS unit features a Group Track that enables you to ride together with your friends and view them live as they ride along. The feature comes in handy when you left a friend behind while cycling and you wait for them to catch up with you. But to access this feature, you might need to sign up to the Garmin Connects service.

The battery life is also excellent; it could last up to eight hours when attached to maps and other devices. And without an attachment to any device, you could get more. And to top it all, it has a save mode that extends the battery life for a few hours.

The design of the device is robust and at the same time, stylish. The device is versatile and can be used to track distance, speed, time, calories, check weather updates and monitor heart rate. One of the most interesting features about this device is the incident detection; it will send your location to a contact number if anything occurs, it might be a friend or sibling.

Key features:
  • Accurate data Tracking
  • Extended Battery Life
  • Bluetooth synchronization
  • Live Tracking

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