10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs in 2020

Intex Octagonal Pure Spa Hot Tub

Looks incredibly stylish, has a hard water treatment system which is great for those in hard water areas, 120 air jets, ideal for 4 people with an option for a 6-person tub.

All Seasons Inflatable Hot Tub

Incredibly good price tub for 4-6 people, doesn’t look quite as premium but has 130 air jets one of the most on the market and no external tanks.

Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub with LED Lights

Ideal for 4-6 people, it features a multi-coloured LED lighting system with waterproof remote, 87 air jets and timer controlled heating.

Lay-Z-Spa Miami Hot Tub2-4 person, 81 air jets, timer controlled heating, rapid heating.££
Lay-Z-Spa Paris Hot Tub with LED Lights4-6 person, 87 airkets, LED lighting with remote, rapid heatng.£££
Intex Octagonal Pure Spa Hot Tub4 or 6 people, 120 air jets, hard water treatment system.
Lay-Z-Spa Monaco Hot Tub6-8 person, 80 air jets, solid wall makes it look permanent.
All Seasons Inflatable Hot Tub4-6 person, 130 air jets, heater and pump built into body.
Tubble Inflatable Bathtub Spa1-2 person bathtub, temperatures up to 45 degrees.
Lay-Z-Spa Vegas Hot Tub4-6 person, 87 air jets, best seller of 2013.
Lay-Z-Spa Saint Tropez Hot Tub4-6 people, 87 air jets, wireless LED light.
MSPA Luxury Alpine Inflatable Jacuzzi4-6 people, 138 air jets.
Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs Hot Tub4-6 people, 120 air jets, timer controlled system.

Buying guide to Best Inflatable Hot Tub

If you’ve always wanted to own a hot tub but can’t afford the prices of solid tubs or simply just want something you can pack away at will then an inflatable hot tub might just be what you’re looking for. Inflatable hot tubs can be used inside or out depends on space limitations, contain jets and heaters just the same. There are definitely pros and cons to opting for either variation and you can read all about those here.

There is still the problem of which inflatable hot tub to pick since they vary so much in brand and features. So, we have hand-picked and compared our favourite 10 inflatable hot tubs varying in features, price and size so you can make an informed choice when purchasing.

One of the most purchased and best reviewed hot tubs on our list comes from the best-selling brand of inflatable hot tubs, Lay-Z-Spa. It is fully portable and inflatable meaning you can set it up anywhere there is a flat surface. Simply connect it to the pump heater and turn on the air blower ensuring all the pipes are connected properly then start filling it up with water and set your chosen temperature. It has a rapid heating system so you can use it quickly following setup and via an included digitally controlled heating pump. The heating pump is also responsible for operating the massage jet system of 81 air jets which in my opinion makes any hot tub. The tub is made with sturdy I-Beam walls and comes with a reinforced cover for when you aren’t using it. It also includes a chemical floater, two filter cartridges, 7m cable and a DVD detailing set up and maintenance. For more great bathroom products see our guide on the best electric showers

Key features:
  • Timer controlled heating setting
  • 2-4 people tub perfect for indoors or out with 81 air jets
  • Rapid heating system for quick use after turning on

Another from Lay-Z-Spa is the Paris inflatable hot tub, it is slightly larger making it ideal for 4-6 people. It features the same rapid heating system up to 40 degrees Celsius so you can enjoy the tub quickly. Relax with 87 surrounding air jets and a 7-coloured LED lighting system controlled by a wireless waterproof remote control. Built with the durable and comfortable I-Beam construction alongside a timer controlled heating system so you don’t have to leave it on all day makes the Paris ideal for any home. The Paris ships with two filter cartridges, filter housing, letheroid cover, airpad floor mat for under the spa, chemical floater and a DVD for setup. If you want to dry your clothes quickly by hanging them outside check out the rotary washing line.


Key features:
  • 4-6 people tub perfect for larger groups
  • LED lighting with wireless waterproof remote
  • Rapid heating system for quick use

The Intex Octagonal Pure Spa is a premium looking 4-person inflatable hot tub, there is also a 6-person round version available for slightly more. It features a built in hard water treatment system which makes the water gentler on your skin, great if you live in a hard water area. It sports an easy to use control panel which sits just above the hot tub sides when inflated which adjusts temperature and the 120 heated bubble jets. The Intex Octagonal features Intex patented Fibre-Tech construction for rigidity and quality and it ships with a cover to prevent heat loss and any unwanted material entering. Overall, it’s a premium tub, great quality, almost perfect review and ideal for anyone in a hard water area.


Key features:
  • Hard water treatment system for gentle skin touch
  • 120 heated bubble jets for true relaxation
  • Control panel sits above tub on side

The Monaco from Lay-Z-Spa is a gigantic Hot Tub holding up to 6-8 people measuring 2 metres across and 70cm high so you will need a fair amount of space for this one. It features narrower reinforced drop stitch walls making it look more like a solid permanent hot tub whilst still being inflatable and easy to store. The Miami has 80 air jets and a rapid heating system so you can relax easily and enjoy a jet massage. The Monaco ships with a water filtration system, a leatheroid cover, chemical floater, bubble floor mat protector, 2 filter cartridges and a DVD detailing setup. It is ideal for anyone looking for a permanent looking hot tub with means to store it and plans to share it with larger groups of people.


Key features:
  • 6-8 people tub measuring 2 metres across and 70cm high
  • 80 jets for bubbles and massaging
  • Thin solid wall structure making it look like a permanent hot tub

The All Seasons Inflatable hot tub is ideal for 4-6 people at a very good price spanning 208cm in diameter and 65 centimetres high. It features a whopping 130 air jets far more than most others on the list and is self-inflating taking around 5 minutes, meaning it doesn’t require any pumps. It also has no external heaters or pumps compared to the Lay-Z-Spa as it is all built inside the body if you aren’t keen on those. The material of the tub is durable laminated PVC and it includes a cover made of the same which has foil inside to keep in the warmth. It doesn’t ship with any replacement filter cartridges so you will have to source these yourself.


Key features:
  • 130 air jets one of the most on the market at a great price
  • Self-inflating so no need for any pumps
  • In-built heater and jet pumps making it more compact

Not quite a hot tub but an inflatable bath! The Tubble Inflatable Bathtub Spa is ideal for someone looking for maximum comfort all to themselves at the lowest price on our list. It doesn’t have any fancy jets or a heater so you would have to fill it with hot water yourself. The Tubble inflates in 1 minute with a provided electric pump, has a cup holder and can withstand temperatures up to 45 degrees.  It comes with a 120cm drainage pipe for when you want to put it away and store it. It is a cheap alternative to a proper inflatable hot tub and would be more comfortable if it was just for personal use.


Key features:
  • Cheap inflatable bathtub alternative to hot tub
  • Inflates in 1 minute with provided electric pump
  • Withstands temperatures up to 45 degrees

The Lay-Z-Spa Vegas is a cheaper inflatable hot tub ideal for 4-6 people it spans almost 2 metres and has a 61cm height. It features 87 air jets for soothing bubbles and a great massage in the 40-degree heated water. It is quickly setup in around 10 minutes simply connect the pump and you’re good to go. A water filtration system keeps the water clean and it includes two cartridges and a filter housing unit so you don’t have to source new ones for a while. It has a quad horizontal ring design giving it a strong and rigid feel whilst still being inflatable. The cable length is around 7 metres so it doesn’t have to be right next to a plug socket or require any extension cables. As standard to the Lay-Z-Spa range it comes with a chemical floater, leatheroid case with inflatable lid and a setup DVD.


Key features:
  • 87 air jets for great relaxation
  • 4-6 person inflatable hot tub at a good price
  • Best-selling hot tub of 2013

Another inflatable hot tub from Lay-Z-Spa is the Saint Tropez 2015 model measuring nearly 196cm across and 58cm high it is ideal for 4-6 people. It features a floating wireless LED light with 4 bright colour variations for ambience when relaxing. It sports 87 air jets that line the walls of the inside of the tub to create bubbles and massaging relaxation. The Saint Tropez, like the other Lay-Z-Spa tubs is easy to set up just connect the pumps and it’s ready to fill in about 10 minutes where the rapid heating system will heat the water quickly up to 40 degrees centigrade. It also has a timer which you can set up to 72 hours prior to use to save energy heating it all the time. Durability isn’t an issue with reinforced rigid walls when inflated whilst still offering a comfortable back support when using. It ships with a letheroid cover, two filter cartridges, led lighting system, chemical floater and a setup DVD.


Key features:
  • Rapid heating system for quick use
  • Heating timer saves energy heating it when you plan to use it
  • Ideal for 4-6 people and 87 air jets for relaxation

The Luxury Alpine inflatable hot tub from MSPA is suitable for 4-6 people, spanning 185cm in a square shape and is 68cm in depth. It is the only one on the list to heat above 40 degrees to a warm 42 degrees centigrade should you want it. It also has the most air jets of the list at a whopping 138 air jets for great relaxation and bubbles. The control panel sites just above the tub side which controls self-inflation, jets, bubbles and heating. It features a 6-layer reinforced PVC wall for good durability and strength. It ships with a filter pack, garden hose adaptor, inflation hose, top cover and instruction DVD on how to set it up.


Key features:
  • Ideal for 4-6 people with a good 68cm depth
  • Heats water up to a hot 42 degrees
  • Has a whopping 138 air jets more than any I’ve seen

The last on our list and another from Lay-Z-Spa, the Palm Springs inflatable hot tub it is suitable for 4-6 people, spanning 1.96m across and 71cm high which is quite a big depth for inflatables. It features the same easy to setup method as the rest of the Lay-Z-Spa hot tub taking just 10 minutes before you can start filling. It has a whopping 120 jets the most of any Lay-Z-Spa’s giving great relaxation and bubbles. The Palm Springs also features a timer controlled system so you can decide when it heats up to suit your schedule and save energy. The filter system removes any unwanted material while an included leatheroid cover keeps it out when you’re not using it. The walls are 3 ply offering extra strength, durability and puncture resistance so you can sit on the sides without it buckling. Standard includes are chemical floater, 2 filter cartridges, bubble floor mat and a setup DVD.


Key features:
  • 4-6-person hot tub with great 71cm depth
  • 120 jets for maximum relaxation and bubbles
  • Timer controlled system so you can set when it becomes hot