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10 Best Kettles in 2020

Kitchenaid Kettle Artisan Red

A stylish looking electronic kettle that has dual-wall construction offering rapid boiling

Morpilot Glass Electric Kettle

A kettle with large capacity, rapid boiling technique, heat preservation, and temperature control settings

Aicok electric kettle

A versatile 3000W must-have kettle for your home and office

Cooks Professional Cordless Glass KettleGlass kettle with 2L water capacity and 2200W power£
Bosch Country 2 Kettle1.7L capacity, stainless steel built with 3100W element£
Aicok electric kettleStainless steel body with 6 temperature settings and cordless swivel power base£
Russell Hobbs 21600-10 Illuminating Glass KettleBlue illumination glass kettle with 1.7L capacity£
Breville VKT092 Flow Electric KettlePower 3kW element with an illuminated water window£
Morpilot Glass Electric Kettle1.7L Borosilicate glass container with Strix temperature control£
ASCOT Kettle ElectricCordless 3000W stainless steel built£
Cuisinart CPK17BPU kettle1.7L water capacity kettle with 3kW heating power££
Kitchenaid Kettle Artisan RedSmooth round design with dual-wall construction£££
Bonavita Electrical KettleGooseneck spout kettle with 1000W heating power£££

Best Kettle UK

For beverage and tea lovers, boiling water is part of the routine. If you are bored and tired with your traditional kettle then it’s time you switch to the electric kettle with versatile features that will upgrade your tea or coffee experience. Most have preset controls that optimize tea flavors. They boil water faster than a pot on your stove and adjustable temperature settings ensure that water is just right for delicate tea leaves.

While it’s certainly a challenge to find the best kettle that is worthy of money, it isn’t impossible especially when you have a reliable source to point you in the direction of the brands you can trust.

An ideal kettle for those individuals who are always in a hurry but want to start the morning with a hot cup of tea or coffee! It’s faster than a microwave or conventional stovetop kettle. This kettle features an auto-shutoff and holds up to 2 liters of water. So easy to use, this glass kettle has one-touch on and off switch. To rapidly boil water the kettle uses 2200W heating element.

The removable anti-scale filter effectively blocks the mineral build-up and prevents it from passing via the spout. This helpful feature keeps your instant meals and drinks free from unwanted elements. For easy cleaning, the kettle features a wide opening. The cord wraps around the base for convenient storage. As it is made of high-quality materials it is 100% safe, BPA-free and there are no harmful plastics. Other appreciable features include the anti-slip grip of the handle and soft LED light lets you know when the kettle is on. If you live in a region that has hard water than the best Brita filter kettles are the right choice for you.

Key features:
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Wide opening
  • 2200W power
  • Blue-illumination

Make tea with confidence with this safe and reliable kettle from Bosch. Packed with great features, this Bosch kettle allows for rapid boiling, thanks to its 3100W heating element. Get cordless effortless use for both left and right-handed customers with a concealed element and cable storage in the base. A double-sided water indicator level makes it easy to see it from either side of the kettle. With the ability to fill through the spout or lid, this kettle also features a removable limescale filter in the spout to avoid clogging. Clear away any debris that gathers to keep the water clean and fresh for the best possible taste. This ensures that you get the best tea or coffee every time.

The Bosch kettle is crafted from brushed high-quality stainless steel. Plus, a large capacity of 1.7L allows you to boil more than enough water for multiple drinks. A 360-swivel base offers complete accessibility ensuring that making your favorite drink is hassle-free. Save your space in the small kitchen with the best mini ovens.

Key features:
  • Powerful heating element
  • Cable storage in the base
  • Limescale filter
  • lightweight
  • 360 swivel base

Boil water conveniently for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal and more with this versatile kettle. Aicok electric kettle is a nice looking kitchen appliance that has a premium food-grade stainless steel and BPA free interior. At 12’’ height, it fits well under the most overhead kitchen cabinets. Moreover, the overall modernized look of this kettle is eye-catching that you won’t mind keeping it on the kitchen counter. The kettle has some nice features for safety and confident handling like a heat-resistant handle that prevents scalds.

It is placed on a 360-degree swivel base for cordless convenience and provides power to the heating unit. With high-quality stainless steel bottom and spout, it is easy to clean and doesn’t contain any unwanted paints or materials leaking. Plus, the 3000Watts of power make boiling faster and efficient than stovetop and microwave. This kettle can boil up to 1.7L of water in just five minutes. Not only this, but it also features 6 temperature settings with a ‘keep warm’ button that keeps boiled water at preset temperature for 2 hours. Moreover, the cool touch open button easily opens at one press after boiling. A mesh filter rids water of calcium residues and detaches easily. This kettle comes with a British Strix thermostat which enables the kettle to be automatically shut off. For more great kitchen appliances see our picks on the best combination microwaves.

Key features:
  • Large capacity
  • 3000Watts power
  • 2-year warranty
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Preset temperature settings

Say bye to your traditional kettle and spruce up your kitchen with the Russell Hobbs electric kettle. Its stainless steel boiler with a metallic silver glass accent is a real gem. The kettle features brilliant blue LEDs that light up during the boiling providing an amazing sight. Stylish, durable, and attractive making it a popular item in the market. For the precise filling, this premium glass kettle has level markings. You can boil up to 1.7L of water, perfect for people who love warm drinks. The swivel base makes serving easy, just lift the kettle from any angle and push the release button that pops the lid open. Besides, the water is poured through a drip-free single stream sprout. The kettle uses a washable and removable anti-scale filter that which prevents mineral build-up so you enjoy fresh beverage every time.

In addition to this, this modern kettle has a boil dry protection feature that shuts off the kettle automatically when the boiling point is reached.

Key features:
  • Glass body
  • Blue illumination on boil
  • Anti-scale filter
  • Lift and serve base
  • 2-year warranty

Not only does it heat water quickly, but it also brings the water to the perfect temperature for any kind of tea or coffee. The Breville electric kettle packs 3kW power to ensure water heats up in about 4 minutes. A blue backlit water window lets you see how much water is inside. For easy and convenient pouring, the kettle comes with an easy-pour spout for minimal mess.

It has a maximum capacity of 1.7L that offers 6 to 8 cups of tea. The kettle features a stylish textured design with a high-gloss finish that makes a great addition to your kitchen. Features like a removable limescale filter and easy lift-off lid allow easy cleaning and water addition. Breville’s built-in boil-dry protection allows automatically shut off if there’s no water inside to boil. This protects the heating element and ensures your kettle lasts longer.

Key features:
  • High-gloss textured finish
  • Easy-grip lift-off lid
  • 1.7L capacity
  • Illuminated water window
  • 3kW fast boiling

If you need instant boiling water for your tea or coffee, then Morpilot’s electric kettle is a life-saver. This kettle comes with smart temperature control with color-changing LED lights for each 10 degrees temperature scale. Get the exact heated water for delicate tea, green tea, white tea, French press coffee, black tea, and more.

No need to boil water frequently, this kettle has a large 1.7L capacity that rapidly boils water in less than 5 minutes. Moreover, the 2 hours heat preservation button will keep the water hot. The water will be safe in a 100% BPA-free glass container. This kettle features a borosilicate glass jug with a 304 stainless steel lid and base.

For utmost safety, the handle is cool-to-touch built with anti-slip and heat resistant material to avoid burns or scalds. Cleaning and refill are so convenient, thanks to the wide-opening lid. The 360-swivel base makes the transfer easier, just pick up and set down the kettle at any angle. What’s more? This electronic kettle has lower noise levels which enable you to enjoy relatively quiet boiling.

Key features:
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Anti-dry protection
  • LED display
  • Food-grade materials
  • Rapid heating

This elegant looking kettle from ASCOT is capable of heating 1 and ½ liters of water within minutes allowing you to enjoy your coffee and tea. The all-metal stainless steel interior speaks of safety and high-quality that delivers fresh and clean boiling water. All materials are designed using food-grade steel. Having ASCOT kettle in your kitchen is of great advantage because of the rapid boil mechanism, thanks to the 3000W high power that lets you relish your steamy cup f coffee at any time of the day.

The kettle works efficiently and quietly, it automatically shuts off when boiling is done. Sleek construction of this kettle requires manual washing. For added safety, it comes with an anti-hot handle.

Key features:
  • Cordless
  • Boil dry protection
  • Stainless steel
  • Auto shut-off

A perfect kettle to make teas and French press coffee!

The kettle is beautifully designed using premium-grade stainless steel that guarantees long years of functionality.  With 3000W power and rapid boil technology, this kettle boils up to 7 cups of water at once.

It can swivel all the way around, comes off the base so you can take it to your table and serve your guests. There’s an easy button on the top that you press to open the lid for easy filling. The controls are on the kettle’s handle, and you can choose between 85 and 100 degrees. Plus, it also has a filter screen inside that is detachable for easy washing. The kettle features an easy-viewing water window with level markings and a 360 swivel base that eases the transferring from the kitchen to where you want to enjoy a hot mug of coffee or tea.

Key features:
  • 1.7L water capacity
  • Stainless steel built
  • Anti-scale filter
  • Multi-temperature
  • LCD

This electric kettle by kitchenaid has an outstanding color with an attractive style that will look great with your kitchen décor. The 1400W kettle gives you all the reasons to purchase it. Besides, an awesome appearance, the features of this appliance are also good with top-notch quality. A unique feature is its dual-wall construction; inner plastic wall with aluminum housing. It comes with a stainless steel base and displays the water level through the window. This keeps the water hotter for longer.

You can boil up to 1.5L of water and has slide variable temperature control settings from 50 to 100 degrees, LED lights to indicate the exact temperature. Precise readings are maintained with the temperature gauge even when the kettle is removed from the base.

 To keep your hands safe, the kettle comes with a soft-touch anti-hot handle. For easy filling and washing, it has an aluminum removable lid. A pouring spout with filter blocks the sediments and minerals in the water from going into your cup. To transfer this kettle easily from the kitchen, it comes with a 360 rotation removable base.

Plus, the manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty.

Key features:
  • 1.5L water capacity
  • Dual-wall construction
  • Temperature gauge
  • Adjustable temperature settings

The Bonavita electric kettle features a barista designed gooseneck spout for total user control, perfect for pour-over coffee. With a commercial rating from UL, this kettle is perfect for professional and in-home use. The digital temperature display has 6 presets for tea or coffee brewing. Also, you can manually set it to a specific temperature up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, there is an easy button to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius. A built-in count up timer makes it easy to watch brewing and steeping time. The hold button will maintain the set temperature to 1 hour. An ergonomically designed handle makes it easy to keep your water flowing at the proper rate. 

The 1000W heating base ensures that water heats quickly and a brushed stainless steel body holds up to 1 liter of water. For a tight and safe fit, the removable lid includes tension adjusters. Also, the 360-degrees swivel base allows easy moving and replacing.

Ideal for enjoying the perfect cup of coffee or tea!

Key features:
  • 6 preset temperatures
  • 1000W power
  • Swivel base
  • 2-year warranty

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