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10 Best Home Laser Hair Removal Devices in 2020

Published 08:20pm - Updated 04/04/2020

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter

Published 08:20pm

This product review was written by Ainsley Hunter


Drybase-Liquid-Damp-Proof-MembraneDrybase Liquid Damp Proof5 years8.5£
Ronseal-HPRSBL4L-Thompsons-High-Performance-Roof-SealRonseal High Performance Roof Seal6 Years9.1£
Drybase-Liquid-Damp-Proof-MembraneDrybase Liquid Damp Proof6 Years7.6£
Ronseal-HPRSBL4L-Thompsons-High-Performance-Roof-SealDrybase Liquid Damp Proof8 Years7.9£
Ronseal-HPRSBL4L-Thompsons-High-Performance-Roof-SealDrybase Liquid Damp Proof8 Years8.7££
Ronseal-HPRSBL4L-Thompsons-High-Performance-Roof-SealDrybase Liquid Damp Proof6 Years7.9££
Ronseal-HPRSBL4L-Thompsons-High-Performance-Roof-SealDrybase Liquid Damp Proof6 Years7.9££
Ronseal-HPRSBL4L-Thompsons-High-Performance-Roof-SealDrybase Liquid Damp Proof6 Years8.7£££
Ronseal-HPRSBL4L-Thompsons-High-Performance-Roof-SealDrybase Liquid Damp Proof6 Years9.1£££
Ronseal-HPRSBL4L-Thompsons-High-Performance-Roof-SealDrybase Liquid Damp Proof6 Years8.5£££

Best Home Laser Hair Removal

It is imperative to know about the features of the laser because it will affect your sensitive skin. 

The first thing is to identify skin colour. If your skin colour is dark, then you need to find a laser process that is meant for darker skin, as against one that is meant for light skin. Laser suits best on lighter skin and can handle it properly. 

Once you find the right laser depending on your skin colour, you need to check to see how long the machine works. Some lasers are not very long-lasting and run out of power very quickly. Others do not offer permanent results and have a tiny disclaimer that most people ignore. Most people want lasting results from their home laser hair removal machine. 

Before purchasing a laser remover for your home, you should ensure that you do not have any other underlying skin conditions that can affect the hair removal process, and damage your skin further. Women suffering from PCOS and PCOD (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome/ Disease) should get their hormone levels checked by the gynaecologist before starting on any hair removal treatments. Laser hair removal should not harm your skin. 

Each laser hair removal does not give instant results, and hence you must run a patch test at least three to four times to check.

Key features:
  • 75% reduction in hair after 12 weeks application
  • Valid on dark brown, blond, or black hair
  • Clinically proven IPL Technology
  • Clinical reduction in hair

IPL Laser Hair Removal uses intense pulsed light hair removal system. It is effective on dark brown, blond, or black hair. With light depilation, this pulsed light does not work on light blonde, white, or grey hair. Also, it is not very useful on dark skin. It uses safe and clinically proven IPL technology that dermatologists and other beauty salons use. The primary principle is to emit a steady pulse that gets absorbed by the hair follicle. Doing this damages the hair follicle and gives you permanent hair removal. 

With IPL Laser Hair Removal, hair follicles began to shrink and slow down hair growth. Hair growth is reduced by 75% after 8-12 weeks application. Thus you don’t need regular expensive treatments. This technology has five energy set levels which accommodate different skin sensitivities.

Key features:
  • Clinically safe
  • Two USE mode and five energy levels
  • Automatically identifies skin
  • Automatically identifies skin

SKEY IPL Laser Hair Removal Device is a safe, clinically proven, and fast effective formula to give you silky smooth hairless skin. This device delays and stops hair growth from roots to provide silky smooth skin. Now you do not need regular treatment and can say goodbye to repeated hair growth after 12 weeks. 

SKEY IPL Laser Hair Removal Device for women includes a two-mode design. One is a flash mode which is for a small area, and the other is slide mode for large areas. It has 5-levels for different sensitive skin types. Higher-level shows greater strength and better effect. SKEY IPL Laser Hair Removal Device remover has slight skin whitening with rejuvenating effects.

Key features:
  • Professional and safe IPL technology
  • 400,000 flashes with a quality quartz lamp
  • Two different switchable treatment modes
  • Two different switchable treatment modes

INLINS IPL Laser Hair Removal Device is a professional and safe IPL technology. It is a clinically tested and proven solution for hair removal. To remove unwanted hair safely and painlessly INLINS IPL Laser Hair Removal Device is a perfect choice. It leads to 82% of hair reduction and offers an enjoyable experience after four weeks of the treatment. 

It has a long service life with 400,000 flashes and an excellent quality quartz lamp. It has 4.5 CM big spot sizes that help you remove hair quickly and thus save your time very effectively. It has five adjustable energy levels to choose the most appropriate level according to needs. INLINS IPL Laser Hair Removal Device removes hair gently to give a pleasant and enjoyable experience. Its touch LCD status is clear at a glance.

Key features:
  • Safe and clinically proven IPL technology
  • Two flash modes
  • Flashes every area 2-3 times
  • Flashes every area 2-3 times

Qmele IPL Hair Removal utilises a safe and clinically proven IPL Technology as used by professional dermatologists and other beauty salons around the UK. This device emits an intense pulse that is absorbed quickly by hair follicles at different stages of hair growth. This technology effectively reduces hair rejuvenation on your body and face. Qmele IPL Hair Removal shows best results on dark hair. It takes around eight weeks for naturally smooth and hair-free skin. 

It features two flash modes for better operation. Single flash is for rejuvenating small areas and double flash for large areas. Qmele IPL Hair Removal Device is available for hair removal from the face and other body parts. It works effectively on dark black, blonde, or brown hair and skin tone. Do not use this appliance on grey, white, or red hair.

Key features:
  • Professional Intense Pulsed Light
  • 90% hair reduction in 6-12 weeks
  • 350,000 flashes per lamp

DEESS Permanent Laser Hair Removal features a professional intense pulsed light that brings effective results. It has professional effects with a smaller and lighter design to utilise at home. It delivers 90% hair reduction in around six to twelve weeks with continued monthly treatment as per requirement. It has 350,000 flashes per lamp in a three years lifespan. 

DEESS Permanent Laser Hair Removal is a non-battery operable device. You need to keep it plugged in an outlet while using. DEESS Permanent Laser Hair Removal device uses a pulsed light system to emit intense pulsed light with a wavelength range from 510- 110 nm. It works on the principles of Selective Photothermolysis.

Key features:
  • Features ProPulse technology
  • Corded for constant power
  • 100,000 flashbulb

Remington iLight IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine uses a ProPulse Technology which is a direct clinically proven by dermatologists to let permanent hair reduction safely. It is simple, safe, and pain-free. It is a perfect unit for use on the face and body. It has a specially designed facial attachment for a delicate facial area.

Remington iLight IPL Laser Hair Removal device provides permanent results in three treatments. You can achieve standard salon results in the comfort of your bedroom. Its intense pulsed light targets hair directly at roots which result in permanent super smooth skin. Remington iLight IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine works well on both the male and female body. It works by heating the hair follicle and focusing on light energy to break the cycle of growth.

Key features:
  • Safe and fast and effective product
  • Smart IPL with SensoAdapt technology
  • New compact design

Braun IPL Silk Expert Laser Hair Removal is a safe, fast, and efficient permanent hair reduction that gives results in four weeks. It uses a secure IPL technology which is clinically proven and tested dermatologically. Braun IPL Silk Expert Laser Hair Removal has a smart IPL with a SensoAdapt skin sensor to automatically adapt to your skin tone. 

Braun IPL Silk Expert Laser Hair Removal is perfect for treating both legs in five minutes at a low energy level. This device is two times faster than previous silk expert 5. Braun IPL Silk Expert Laser Hair Removal includes a precision head, a Venus razor, and a premium pouch. It has a new compact design which is 15 per cent smaller and around 25 per cent lighter to provide an effortless treatment. It is an ideal gift for women.

Key features:
  • Permanent hair reduction in four weeks
  • Safe IPL technology for visible hair
  • Braun skin spa body exfoliate

Braun 5 IPL Hair Removal Device gives permanent results hair reduction is four weeks. It is helpful for the lower legs, armpits, and bikini with treatment schedules. While individual results may vary, it uses a safe IPL technology which is clinically tested for permanent visible hair removal. This IPL technology features a SensoAdapt skin sensor which is a hair removal technology to adapt your skin tone automatically. It is a shared technology with Cyden. 

Braun 5 IPL Hair Removal Device treats your lower legs in eight minutes. This device triggers more flashes to cover missed areas. It features skin spa body exfoliation.

Key features:
  • Long-lasting results
  • 70% hair reduction in two treatments
  • Dermatologists recommended for a comfortable setting

Tria Beauty Laser Hair Treatment is the only clinically proven cordless laser for effective and safe home use. Tria Beauty Laser Hair Treatment helps reduce up to 70% of unwanted hair after two treatments. This device is dermatologist-recommended and FDA-approved.

Tria Beauty Laser Hair Treatment uses a diode laser technology that targets and disables hair follicles to bring about permanent results. Tria Beauty Laser Hair Treatment is an award-winning laser hair removal device to give smooth laser skin of your dreams to provide lasting results.

Key features:
  • 100-day money-back guarantee
  • Safe, secure, and gentle product
  • 92% hair reduction

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device is a long-lasting product that provides an excellent, smooth skin for six months. It is a safe, secure, and gentle device which uses breakthrough IPL technology with leading dermatologists. It achieves long-lasting hair removal safely at home. It is a personalised hair treatment at home with three curved, intelligent attachments to provide customised therapy on every body part, including the face. It automatically measures your skin tone to indicate an optimal setting for you. 

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device comes with both corded and cordless functionality to provide full freedom of movement. It gives 100% satisfaction with a 100-day money-back guarantee. Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Hair Removal Device is the best for body hair removal with 92% hair reduction.

Buyers Guide for Cat Repellents

Cats are gorgeous animals. Some of the adjectives used to describe cats are graceful, beautiful, and highly independent. However, there are even some negative thoughts used for cats as untrainable, vicious, and even flighty. No matter how cute your cat is, there is an excellent chance you will get annoyed occasionally. 

Since cats are usually quite clean, you might not know where they go off to do their business. However, when cats pee and poop around the house, the resultant smell can be fetid and nauseating. Cats are incredibly territorial, and they usually continue marking their territory by conducting their daily ablutions in the same place as before. 

It is a well-known fact that cat faeces are not suitable as a fertilizer. What this means is that when cats venture into your lawn or garden, they are decreasing the nutritional content of your garden instead of reviving it. Cat faeces tend to harm plants and reduce the growth rate and eventually kill them. Such situations make it essential for you to use cat repellant so that cats do not spoil your garden soil.

How to Choose the Best Cat Repellant?

Unlike humans, cats prefer to frequent areas where they can scent their bodily refuse. They do not like smells that are removed or cleaned. This point is possibly the most important one if you want to discourage a cat from coming to your property. Additionally, you can also mask the scent of the cat with another animal to deter further occurrences. 


Electronic Repellant

You can easily use an electronic cat repellant either inside or outside the house. It works on infrared and ultrasonic wave systems. The units that you find in an electronic cat repellant will help locate cats by transmitting an ultrasonic sound plus flashing LED lights. The lights and waves work like an alarm to deter cats from dumping their faeces in your garden. 

The most beneficial part about using an electronic cat repellant is that the sound produced is inaudible to humans, but works as a threat for cats. The high-pitched sound plus bright light emitted from the electronic motion detector frightens the can and helps them avoid your property in the future.


Consider Odorless Cat Repellent Sprays

With the use of a cat repellent spray, you can stop cats from misbehaving at your home and from ruining your furniture. Cat repellent sprays can be used outdoors and indoors to train cats to curb aggressive or destructive behaviour. When you spray the repellant over an area, your cat gets an unpleasant smell and starts avoiding that area. Doing this helps prevent cats from peeing and clawing in those areas. Cat repellant sprays may also be used in the gardens but may run out as you water your plants. For the duration that the spray works, cats will stop digging the soil, preying on birds and mice, and stop scratching your trees.

Cat repellant sprays are odourless for humans, and so can be used around the house without any discomfort. It is easy and quick to use, and if sprayed indoors, the effect usually lasts for a week. 


Whenever you purchase a new product, you have to ensure it is durable. The same goes for cat repellants. If the repellant runs out, and stop being useful, it is a waste of time and money. You would have to find other ways to deter cats from coming on to your property and spoiling your things. Since cats have acute olfactory senses, they can quickly recognize previously frequented places based on their sense of smell alone. If you mask their scent with something else, you can deter them from returning. However, if the repellant you have used is useful only for a short span, and the scent of the cat returns too quickly, the cat may come back. 


Cat Repellent Mats

Cat repellant mats are soon becoming quite popular since they make a sound that scares the cat. Anytime the cat steps on it, a sound is emitted that makes the nosy feline run away. Cat repellant mats come in a variety of assorted sizes. You can install mats anywhere where you feel the need to protect your property from cats. Plastic strips in the cat repellent mat will not harm the cats, and it is an effective way to discourage them from digging or scratching. You can line your garden beds and lawn borders with these repellant mats.

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