10 Best Mini Ovens in 2020

Dualit 89200 Mini Oven

This mini Oven comes with a large internal capacity and is best for small spaces. It is available with a complete entire non-stick interior. It takes only three minutes to heat up and even can cool down fast. This Oven is quick to clean since all its parts are detachable. One of the more notable designs is the curved back for curved dishes.

Quest 35409 9L Mini Oven and Grill

This mini Oven comes with LVD technology and 650 W power. It features two quartz heating elements. It comes with all necessary cooking accessories like chrome wire rack, aluminium baking tray, and a tray and rack handle. The handle remains cool throughout the cooking process, irrespective of the temperature you cook your dishes. This Oven is best for organic and healthy eating.

Duronic Air Fryer AF1Mini Oven

This mini Oven is also known as Air fryer or healthy fryer oven. It is known as healthy because there is no need to use oil while cooking in this Oven. Mesh basket and Dishwasher safe, a frying bowl is provided with this mini Oven to clean the main parts of it. It prepares 80% less fat food than other conventional ovens and is best for healthy eating.

Best Mini OvenFeaturesPrice
Quest 35409 9L Mini Oven and GrillGood quality mini oven with 650W power, 9L capacity, 2 Quartz heating elements£
Oypla 26L Electrical Mini Compact OvenAutomatic switch off, 26L capacity, four heating elements£
Tower T14012 Mini Oven and GrillGood quality budget-friendly mini oven with 23 L capacity, 1500W, and three years guarantee£
Andrew James 20L Mini Oven with GrillGood quality oven with 20 L capacity, 1500W power, and two years manufacturers' warranty££
Tower T14013 28L Mini OvenExcellent quality mini oven with1000W power, 28L capacity, and trendy Black colour ££
Duronic Air Fryer AF1Mini OvenFantastic mini oven with 1500W power, Adjustable temperature control, and Cool touch exterior££
VonShef 35L Mini OvenGreat quality mini oven - small in size, 16000W power, two years warranty££
Tower T14014 42L Stainless Steel Mini OvenGood quality mini oven with 42L capacity, Black colour, and adjustable temperatures££
Breville BOV450XL Mini Smart OvenFabulous mini Oven with 1800W, 4-Slice capacity, and One Year warranty£££
Dualit 89200 Mini OvenExcellent quality versatile mini oven with 18L capacity and cooking accessories included£££

Buying guide to Best Electric Mini Ovens

A mini oven is a perfect way to save space if the area in your kitchen is limited. A mini oven is an electric appliance which is best for holiday homes, students’ accommodation, and small kitchens. You can use the best mini ovens in your kitchens without compromising cooking your prowess and capabilities.

In mini ovens, you can roast, bake, grill, and toast any food for your entire family and you will not find a need to buy conventional ovens. Found below are the top ten electric mini ovens arranged in increasing order of price point to help suit your needs in the best way.


How to buy the best Oven?

The first thing to look in the mini Oven is its features. Before purchasing any mini-oven, you should check the capacity, power, cooking accessories, adjustable temperatures, and its functions.

Then, you should look out for the space in your kitchen. The area matters greatly when you are introducing a new appliance in the kitchen. Cramped kitchens can get messy faster.

At last, the price and warranty or guarantee matters. It would be best if you look for the warranty or guarantee of the electric appliances. Additionally, you could also check for the cooking oil levels required during the cooking or baking functions to reduce oil consumption and increase health benefits.

Moreover, consider mini ovens with bell alerts or automatic switch of modes after the cooking is completed.

The Quest 35409 9L Mini Oven and Grill is perfect for small spaces in the kitchen. You can buy this mini Oven without compromising the cooking capabilities or power. This mini Oven is of 650Wcomes with LVD technology. It includes tempered glass doors with two quartz Heating elements. There is a bell alert when the cooking process is complete. This mini Oven comes with three cooking accessories like chrome wire rack, aluminium baking tray, and handle. This handle can be used with either rack or platter.


Key features:
  • It comes with adjustable temperature between 100 degree Celsius and 230 degree Celsius.
  • LVD technology and doubled layered heat resistance glass doors.
  • Lower down the surface temperature and handle touch remains cool

The Oypla 26L Electrical Mini Compact Oven is a fresh launch product. It comes with 1500W to 2900W power and will heat up to the temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. This mini Oven comes with four heating elements and two hob cookers with non-stick coating. Its double hob is very large and can comfortably accommodate large quantities of food for your family. This Oven is excellent for the kitchen with limited space. This mini Oven is best to use for places like office canteens, caravans holiday homes and temporary use outside your home.


Key features:
  • Best for all cooking needs like roasting, grilling, and baking
  • This non-stick oven coating mini oven includes Tongs and baking Tray Wire Rack.
  • The hot plate with 800W power is best for frying

This mini Oven comes with a compact design and is ideal for small kitchens. It is the best choice for students’ accommodation. You can bake, roast, grill, and toast any food in it for your family. This mini Oven includes a wire rack, baking tray, and a rack. It comes with three years of manufacturer’s guarantee. You can cook in this Oven conveniently with 23 Litres capacity. It gives you the cooking power of a full-size oven. This mini Oven features adjustable temperatures between 90 degree Celsius and 230 degree Celsius which allows you to cook conveniently and correctly every time. There is a 60-minute manual timer which signals that your meal is ready. For more cooking instruments see our guide on induction hob pans.


Key features:
  • Adjustable temperatures from 90 to 230 degree Celsius.
  • Comes with 23 Litres capacity and contains three cooking accessories.
  • Three years guarantee.

This Mini oven is a compact and versatile Oven. The Andrew James 20L Mini Oven with Grill is ideal for holiday homes, studio apartments, and student’s accommodations. This Oven is also one of the best cooking appliances to cook food for large groups of people.

Smaller than the conventional ovens, this Oven takes up less space in the kitchen. The Andrew James 20L Mini Oven with Grill is available in Black or white colour. Cooking accessories such as Chrome Plated Grill Rack, Detachable handle for removing hot trays, and enamelled baking tray are included in this mini Oven.


Key features:
  • Available with five cooking functions and adjustable temperature up to 230 degrees Celsius.
  • More energy efficient and cheaper than conventional ovens
  • Takes very less time to heat up and cool down

The Tower T14013 28L Mini Oven is one of the best and most versatile items in the kitchen. This appliance hardly takes any space in your kitchen. It is effortless to use, but you need to keep an eye on it while cooking for a few meals. This Oven takes a little longer time than a halogen fan oven though the results are excellent. It is a great thing to put in your kitchen. The temperature of the Tower Mini Oven can be adjusted between 100 and 230 degree Celsius.

It comes with high-quality accessories which include wire racks, baking trays, and tray handles for optimum use and safety. It is complete with a dual hotplate set chosen from two heat settings. The Tower T14013 28L Mini Oven is available with three years of manufacturers’ guarantee.


Key features:
  • Includes cooking accessories like wire rack, baking tray, and tray handle
  • Straightforward to control and Use
  • 3 Oven settings allow cooking with perfection every time.

The Duronic Air Fryer AF1 Mini Oven is also known as the Healthy Fryer. There is no need to use oil for cooking in this mini Oven. No use of oil makes this Oven an extremely healthy alternative for people wishing to lose weight and watch their diets. You can cook healthy food in this mini Oven without compromising with your flavour palate and nutrition.

The Duronic Air Fryer AF1Mini Oven is best for organic eating, healthy eating, vegans, and people wishing to eat fresher food. The Duronic Air Fryer AF1Mini Oven has a detachable frying bowl and mesh basket provided that are Dishwasher safe and can be cleaned easily. For more kitchen items see our guide on combination microwaves.


Key features:
  • Results in 80% less fat in the food as compared to the traditional deep fat fryers ovens.
  • Cool-touch exterior to keep the Oven cool from the outside even if the cooking temperature is at 200 degree Celsius.
  • Oil-less or Oil-free cooking is possible with the use of technology

This VonShef 35L Mini Oven is small in size, and so is perfect for small spaces. Being of small size, it boasts a 1600W element with three cooking functions, timer settings, and adjustable temperatures and brings tastier results to the table. You can bake cupcakes, cook pizzas, and roast vegetables with this small modern machine.

The VonShef 35L Mini Oven has three cooking functions. You can use the top and bottom heating elements individually or simultaneously. The small size of this Oven makes it easily portable in your kitchen. Along with the top, the door has vents, and there are two glass panes on the door. To clean the spill out of food particles and other things on the vent, you only need to remove eight screws that are on the back of the door.


Key features:
  • Automatically powers down after the completion of the cooking process.
  • Multi cooking functions to suit every kind of food.
  •  Accessories included with the product

The Tower T14014 Stainless Mini Oven offers you an incredibly versatile cooking solution and with features of a full-sized Oven. It is convenient and available in a compact design. This mini Oven is ideal for a kitchen with less or tight space, though it can get fit comfortably in your home.

This mini Oven is available with a wide range of accessories that make it possible to cook all kinds of food. This mini Oven features an adjustable shelf to adjust according to the cooking. You can bake delicious cakes and toast bread for your whole family. The two hot plates can be used independently.


Key features:
  • Double hotplates for complete hob functions as well as rotisserie function
  • Excellent for holiday homes, caravans, and student accommodation
  • Adjustable temperature between 100 degree Celsius and 230 degree Celsius

There is a smart IQ element that helps in transferring the entire heat across four quartz elements because of which the temperature remains stable in the Oven and gives you the best results every time. You can get your meals ready on the table with this super fast 1800W mini Oven.

This mini Oven comes with eight cooking functions that guide you to perfection. These functions include bake, toast, bagel, pizza, cookies, roast, and reheat. While the capacity of this mini Oven is lesser compared to others on this list, it does not compromise on productivity and efficiency in any way.


Key features:
  • Available with backlit easy-read LCD which calculates the correct timing and temperature while cooking.
  • Non-stick cavity coating on the inner walls of the Oven for easy cleaning.
  • Elements get adjusted automatically with the setting you choose for the cooking.

This mini Oven is perfect for small spaces in your kitchen. It comes with a large internal capacity, designed with the curved back so that circular plates can set in the best way.

Additionally, it also comes with the double-glass door. This mini Oven can heat up fast only in 3 minutes. It provides versatile cooking functions. The functionality and efficiency of this mini oven are the best in this list. While it is slightly on the expensive side, the quality of service more than makes up for it. We recommend everyone to have this mini Oven in the kitchen.


Key features:
  • Comes with a rack, oven tray, pizza pan, removable tray, and non-stick interior.
  • Heats up in 3 minutes
  •  The door is double glazed