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10 Best Mops in 2020

Shark Flip Smartronic Deluxe Steam Mop

This mop uses a dirt grip technology and has a steam blaster mode with three intelligent, direct steam controls for consistent cleaning.

Crazy Gadget Floor Magic Spin Mop

It is made of a high-quality stainless steel spinner with high efficiency for floor cleaning and a 360-degree rotating washable mop.

Mayshine Professional Flat Floor Mop

This mop is made up of high-quality ABS plastic and has an aluminium frame for long term use and durability.

Crazy Gadget Floor Magic Spin MopIt is a high-speed rotating press mop with a microfiber mop head.£
The Dustpan Store Floor Cleaning MopThis mop is perfect for cleaning all floor types.£
ANSIO Spray Mop Microfibre Floor MopThis spray has an ergonomic design for easy, excellent, and fast cleaning.£
Aiglam Spray Mop Floor MopThis spray mop is suitable for all stubborn stains, grease, and oil.££
Mayshine Professional Flat Floor MopThis mop is made from super quality stainless steel and has a professional 360-degree rotating swivel head.££
MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber MopThis professional mop with a plush cloth works on large areas at a time.££
Vorfreude – Floor Mop with Integrated SprayIt is an excellent quality eco-friendly mop that is made of durable material.££
Vileda Flat Spray MopThis flat mop uses a trigger spray for cleaning all types of floors.£££
UpCo CleanUP Complete Wash & Dry Flat MopThis flat mop has a one-hand operated wringer system£££
Shark Flip Smartronic Deluxe Steam MopThis steam mop uses a dirt grip technology with double-sided microfiber pads.£££

Best Mop UK

Clean and healthy environments help you lead a hygienic life. Diseases and medical conditions like asthma, coughs, colds, and allergies remain at bay with regular cleaning. Maintaining cleanliness at home has become a primary problem these days. You might be fed up of daily tricks to clean, and today we bring the best of them – a mop for cleaning hard and smooth surfaces. Mops are for effortless cleaning and maintaining hard floors. They help remove dirt and dust. Also, you should consider steam mops for the same purpose.

Here is the list for best mops available these days in the UK. They help keep your home clean and leave your flooring shiny and bright.

All the mops reviewed in this list have been personally tried and tested by our internal team. The product descriptions in this list are based entirely upon their initial observations. The products are arranged in increasing order of price points. They were judged based on their efficiency during cleaning, ergonomic handles, ease of use, microfiber cloth textures, and drying time.


How to Buy the Best Mop?

To buy a perfect mop, you need to consider the durability and material used in the mop head. These mop heads could be soft and smooth or abrasive made from stainless steel, microfiber, or plastic. The mop must be lightweight to carry and use efficiently and conveniently. Most mop heads are machine-wash friendly for longevity.

Some other features you could consider are extra mop heads, free bucket, and many other accessories for cleaning your home. Alternatively, check the cost of replacement heads before you buy a mop.

The Crazy Gadget Floor Spin Mop is a high-quality product made up of a stainless steel spinner. It is a highly efficient floor cleaning washable mop with flexible plastic handles. You do not have to worry about shocks, spills, or damages to your floor. It has a microfiber mop head that works on both wet and dry surfaces. It also helps keep your hand out of dirty water and is safe on your skin.

This mop is made from plastic and microfiber fabric. It is a labour-saving industrial floor mop that works on a manual press system spin. The Crazy Gadget Floor Mop head is washable with a colourful bucket and ergonomic design. It has a high-speed rotating wash with mop rod press. It also comes with a dehydrating basket to remove excess water and moisture from the mop head. For reducing pollution consider using environment-friendly recycling bins

Key features:
  • A smart and colourful basket design
  • Machine washable microfiber mop head
  • High-quality stainless steel spinner

The Dustpan Floor Cleaning Mop features quick floor cleaning for different types of flooring. It is usable on both dry and wet surfaces and comes with 10 Dry Wipe Cloths. Because of the static properties of the cloths, dirt and dust get attracted to it like a magnet. It has a 360-Degree Swivel Head for smooth and quick cleaning that allows access to the skirting, under furniture and the corners of your rooms.

Thanks to the long and ergonomic handle, you do not need to bend to reach corners and under the sofa. The mop of the Dustpan Floor Cleaning Mop is made of two pieces of durable and lightweight aluminium. Once you have finished cleaning with this mop, the cloth is quickly removable. For more great home products see our guide on the clothes airer.

Key features:
  • Used with wet and dry cloths
  • Easy and quick cleaning for all floor types
  • 360 degrees Swivel head

The ANSIO Spray Mop has an ergonomic design for cleaning all types of hard floors. Its rotating neck is expandable with an unlock button for easy reach. This neck aids in comfortable and easy use while saving your time. You also get a 500 ml spray bottle that can be filled with water or a cleaning gel solution. This mop is meant for cleaning floors hygienically without using buckets of water and detergent.

The ANSIO Spray Mop has a double-sided microfiber pad that suits all your needs. It is quickly detachable and is either hand or machine washable. It is an efficient way to pick dust from the floor without leaving any residue. The ANSIO Spray Mop helps in hassle-free cleaning.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic design for quick cleaning
  • Reusable double-sided microfiber pad
  • Trigger spray for exceptional mist cleaning

The Aiglam Spray Mop comes with a microfiber pad for all floor types. It has an ergonomic design with handgrip control and right rod length. This mop has made floor cleaning very simple and easy since you do not need to bend to clean your floors. Press the convenient trigger on the handle to get cold water mist. The metal rod of this Spray mop is durable and does not loosen or break easily.

The Aiglam Spray Mop is perfect for removing the most stubborn oil stains. The long reach handle helps clean all corners of your home successfully. The microfiber pads contain millions of microscopic fibres that attract dust, moisture, dirt, and hair and help pick grime much better than disposable pads.

Key features:
  • Ergonomic design for quick cleaning
  • Microfiber pad with microscopic fibres
  • Durable and convenient to use

The Mayshine Flat Floor Mop is an aluminium mop that saves a lot of space around the room. It has a professional 360-degree rotating swivel head with different rod lengths. This fabulous mop enables long reach into corners and goes deep under house furniture. It has a durable stainless steel handle of high quality. It is made of aluminium mop frame with high-grade ABS plastic.

The Mayshine Flat Floor Mop is sturdy and long-lasting and clamps the cloth tightly. It comes with a high absorption microfiber pad with efficient and multi-functional cleaning. This microfiber pad is machine washable and meant for multi-purpose use. The Mayshine Flat Floor Mop is the best for all hard floors, including wooden and tiled flooring.

Key features:
  • 360 Degree rotating swivel head
  • Long rod to reach all corners
  • Made of durable steel and high-grade plastic

The Mr. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop has a pad size of 42 cm x 23 cm and is long enough to clean large surfaces at a time. It has a double-sided microfiber mop with a plush cloth. The mop plate has an innovative fabric clip-on design with a 360 swivel pole. This swivel pole has a double locking telescopic system that can extend to lock into your available position.

The Mr. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop comes with three microfiber cloth refills and one removable dirt scrubber. Its plush side is best for floor waxing, which makes the floor shiny. It holds the fabric firmly, and you can also attach long clips to hold different kinds of cloths tightly.

Key features:
  • 360 Swivel pole with double telescopic system
  • Double-sided microfiber plush mop cloth
  • Works on all surfaces

The Vorfruede Floor Mop is a reliable and durable item to meet all cleaning needs. It saves time in cleaning floors of the kitchen, counter slabs, countertops, ceramic, hardwood, cement, or vinyl without any risk. Its swivel head allows you to dust all floor types. This mop has an ergonomic trigger that allows instant moistening of the microfiber cloth. It has a 42 cm x 14 cm microfiber cloth and is reusable and machine washable.

The Metal handle of the Vorfruede Floor Mop is ultra solid, durable, and reliable. The handles have a 700ml bottle that is environmentally friendly and BPA free. It has a convenient refillable tank size for cleaning larger surfaces in a single-use. This mop can reduce your expenses with 100% cleaning accessories that do not require any battery or disposable wipes.

Key features:
  • Environmental friendly and BPA free
  • Large refillable tank
  • Suitable for all floor types

The Vileda Flat Spray Mop has a spare microfiber head with a trigger spray. It has a flat mop head with a pivot to reach right under furniture. Its microfiber pad gets combined with the Powerzone head to provide superior performance in cleaning. This mop works well on all types of floors, including hardwood. The Vileda Flat Spray Mop has excellent uses for laminate and wood because of its moisture-controlling properties and fine spray.

This system has a ready to use trigger handle, including a refillable liquid compartment. The trigger spray provides a directional fine mist spray for efficient and effortless cleaning.

Key features:
  • Handy trigger spray mechanism
  • A container for detergent and water
  • Works on all floor types

The UpCo Clean Flat Mop has a two-chamber bucket (dry and wet) to make mopping quicker and more comfortable. It has a unique and effortless one-hand operated wringer system to remove dirt from the mop without a need to squeeze and spin. This mop is suitable for all floor types, including laminate, LVT, Vinyl, Hardwood, Ceramic, and tiled floors.

It eliminates the need for spin, steam, or spray mops. It has a three-section handle that helps disengage the mop for convenient storage. The UpCo Clean Flat Mop comes with a machine-washable mop cloth that can last for months. The UpCo Clean Flat Mop kit comes with a spare mop head inside it.

Key features:
  • Durable mop cloth
  • Easy compact storage
  • Suitable for all floor types

The Shark Flip Steam Mop uses dirt grip technology that has double-sided microfiber pads to hold household dirt for quick drying time. It has a steam blaster mode to provide a direct blast of superheated and concentrated steam. This steam mop has three intelligent and straightforward steam controls to produce superheated steam for targeted, consistent, and cleaning without streaking modes.

The Shark Flip Deluxe Steam Mop eliminates around 99.9% common household bacteria, and that is an excellent choice for people suffering from allergies. This Deluxe steam mop comes with a filling flask, one instruction booklet, two dirt grip pads, and a quick start guide. This mop is suitable for all surfaces, including hardwood, tiles, marble, and stone.  The Shark Flip Deluxe Steam Mop is a perfectly natural solution for a chemical-free and in-depth cleaning process.

Key features:
  • Uses dirt grip technology
  • Has steam blaster mode
  • Has three intelligent, direct steam controls