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8 Best Pocket Spring Mattresses in 2020

Inofia King Size Memory Foam Sprung Mattress

The product provides you with unlimited comfort and durability. It offers numerous features that will help with your sleep.

Katy® Microfiber Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress

It has a lot to offer despite having a low price tag. A mattress you should go for if you are on a budget and also, looking for quality.

Sweet Pear Premiere DOUBLE Pocket Sprung Mattress

For hygiene and safety, the product is hypoallergenic and provides firm support.

Ej. Life Double Mattress, 4FT6 Double Pocket Sprung MattressThe product has a 10-year warranty and is of comfortable, durable fabric££
Ej. Life 3FT Single 9-Zone Memory Foam Mattress with Pocket Springs - Orthopedic MattressMade from hygienic and hypoallergenic material££
Katy® Microfiber Pocket Sprung Cot MattressMade with microfiber anti-allergy cover, ideal for baby cots£
Inofia King Size Memory Foam Sprung MattressPocket spring for body measurements, comfortable memory foam for movement.££
Coil Spring Latex Hybrid Mattress 10-inch /Cooling BedIt has a 20 years warranty. It contains 496 coils for improved performance.££
Pocket Sprung Mattress with Memory Foam, 10.6-Inch, 4FT6 DoubleFor hygiene, it is anti-mite. It creates a cool surface, contains wrapped pocket springs.££
Sweet Pear Premiere DOUBLE Pocket Sprung MattressIt is 22 cm deep, hypoallergenic and offers firm support.££
Silentnight Pocket Essentials 1000 Pocket SprungHas 1000 springs and zoned support for comfort and luxury.££

Best Pocket Spring Mattress UK

The ever-growing needs of the modern world and work stress have left people helpless against back pain. Most of the people who have to spend most parts of their day at their job sitting at a hair are highly likely to suffer from back pain and fatigue, the best way to relieve this is to invest in a pocket spring mattress.

A pocket spring mattress has a separate pocket for each spring. Every pocket spring is encircled inside its specific cloth pocket operating individually; every spring responds merely to the pressure put on that part, this, as a result, improves the level of personalized backing for the individual resting on it.

These mattresses, dissimilar to open coil mattresses, are unable to move as one compact unit and as a result, the ‘’roll-together’’ effect of a regular mattress along with the transmission of movement reduces greatly. Every individual pocket serves as a support for the body which results in countless benefits which are particularly helpful if you and your partner have different body measurements or you are the type of person who changes position a lot during sleep.

There are countless options available in the market and we have compiled the list of the best options that you can purchase depending on your choice and affordability. You should also consider soft mattresses.

The Ej life double mattress is one of the best options available in the market. It is a combination of extreme comfort and style. The mattress is manufactured with separate pocket springs that provide balance and comfort to the person sleeping on it. Every spring is enclosed within its pocket made of fabric. The springs have no connection between each other which results in the independent movement of each spring which offers more balance to the person sleeping on it.  This also foils the ‘’roll together’’ movement while you are accompanied by someone.

It is made with Memory foam which delivers the definitive comfort by ingeniously by shaping across your body’s contours. This technique is a lifesaver for people suffering from back or people who have to spend a lot of time during the day sitting in front of a desk.

The pocket spring mattresses are also referred to as orthopedic and while no particular definition or standard is existent of the word these mattresses are ideal for relieving back and joint pain. For a comfortable sleep try our memory foam mattress topper.

Key features:
  • Individual pocket for each spring
  • Crafted with memory foam
  • 10 years durability warranty
  • Made with comfortable fabric.

The Ej Life 3FT Single 9-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is another top option available in the market. Made with superb quality material this mattress is a product of the utmost quality. The mattress is stitched from a premium quality quilted top that keeps your body temperature low. The moment you climb into your bed you get that comfortable feel.

The mattress also contains memory foam. The benefit of having memory foam is that when the foam is put to pressure the cells that are contained within this memory foam dispense the air pressure as fast as they can which results in the slowing down of the foam coming back to its innovative position. This consequence in improved comfort since the pressure points on the body are cut short.

The mattress is also a pocket spring mattress which means it contains separate pockets for each spring. This allows you to maintain your balance while you are sleeping on it as the springs adjust themselves depending on the body size and additionally it also provides firm support to the person if your partner in bed has a different body size.  

Ej. Life 3FT Single 9-Zone Memory Foam Mattress is also referred to as an orthopedic mattress because of its characteristics to relieve joint and back pain. Provide safe and adequate sleep to your kids with the best cot mattress.

Key features:
  • Contains hygienic and Hypoallergenic properties
  • Durable material
  • Memory foam with 9 zones
  • Reliefs back and joint pain

The Katy® Microfiber Pocket Sprung Cot Mattress is made exclusively for baby cots. It is available at an extremely affordable price and it can be the ideal product for a baby keeping in mind the comfort it provides and the hygienic properties of it.

The mattress is tacked with the micro-fiber cover that provides immunity against allergy, bacteria, fungus and dust mite. It Is Also Air Penetrable which means that fresh air is constantly allowed passing through it keeping it fresh and the temperature is kept as low as possible.  The cover can also be removed and washed which keeps it clean.

It is a pocket sprung mattress which means the springs are contained within separate pockets hence providing stability and comfort to the baby who sleeps on it and therefore providing optimal backing for your youngster’s beck, head, and back.

Its dimensions include 60cm width, 120cm length and 10cm depth along with 10 cm thickness which goes with the ideal size for this mattress.

Key features:
  • Made with Microfiber Anti-Allergy Cover
  • Ideal for baby cots
  • Contains water repugnant (non-PVC) cover
  • Made on the ideal dimensions allowed by British standards

The Inofia king size memory foam mattress is in a class of its own, crafted with the very best material and elegant white and black classic design joint with Ground-breaking Wave Memory Foam in addition to Extremely-soft Woven Fabric with Airy Net Fabric on the margins this mattress might just be the ideal product for you.

The Wave Memory Foam is located below the normal layer of memory foam. This addition allows you to change postures at night without much to worry about because it is extremely good at captivating bounces hence your partner remains undisturbed.

It’s Pocket Coil Expertise supports your spine and joints and releases all the pressure that might have been building on your back during the day, making this mattress extremely comfortable and a stress reliever at night.

One of the most important features of this mattress is the cover. It is hypoallergenic and also protects against mites, making it not only comfortable but additionally extremely hygienic.

This mattress is one of the best available out there and is also extremely stylish which will not only give you the ideal sleep but also make the outlook of your room better. It comes with a 100-night trial as well and in case of any problems, it is replaced instantly.

Key features:
  • Pocket spring to adjust to body measurements
  • Multiple transition layers to diminish wave transmission
  • Comfortable memory foam to engross partners movement
  • 100 Nights Trial

In the making of this product, comfort was the top priority in the mind of the makers. It comes in three different sizes, so you can easily choose the one best for you. The mattress has been made with 100% latex, making it firm but luxurious.

The mattress has an independent, enclosed layer of spring. These are made of toughened steel coils, so the mattress won’t sink in or sag after being used. The 496 steel coils are made and then enclosed in different pockets to give a more firm bounce.

This product is ideal for treating numb muscles and pressure points on your back, waist, and shoulder if you are a side or stomach sleeper. After a hectic day, this product will provide you with the ease you need. It is one of the most comfortable mattresses available for buying. It will take away all your tiredness and fatigue, helping you in sleeping peacefully and then, waking up fully charged for your day.

The latex is designed for ‘breathability’ with an open-cell structure, allowing ventilation and leaving moisture away from the body. Other than that, the mattress also comes with a twenty-year warranty. It is a durable product and will improve your night’s sleep.

Key features:
  • 20-year warranty
  • Have 496 coils enclosed in pockets for improved performance
  • Treats pressure points, numb muscles
  • Soft and flexible design

This mattress is in a league of its own. After a long, hard day all you want is a good night’s sleep. However, it could get very difficult to get those few hours of rest if you don’t own the right mattress. This product has been made keeping all those needs in your mind. This mattress is suitable for all people, from young children to aged.

It is also anti-mite, meaning you don’t have to worry about bedbugs or mites inhabiting your bed while you sleep.  It has wrapped pocket springs, providing you with support for every area of your body. The fabric keeps you comfortable sleeping at night by reducing the pressure points and perfectly straightening and aligning your spine.

It also creates a cool surface for you, diffusing any kind of body heat, hence making it a lot less hot in summers. It will give you a touch of softness and comfort. The mattress has quite a modern style. It is firm and made with memory foam. This is the perfect fit for you. The memory foam, also called the slow spring back foam, helps the mattress retain its position.

Once you lay down, the cells of the foam distribute air pressure quickly, resulting in the mattress not coming back to its original position in a hurry.

Key features:
  • Anti-mite
  • Creates a cool surface
  • Contains wrapped pocket springs for luxury
  • Uses the memory foam

This mattress has memory foam and back support. Other than that, to make it more comfortable, it has been equipped with pocket springs. Every spring that is put in the mattress is designed individually, adjusting to the position of the body so that it provides the right amount of support and luxury.

It also has deep layers of memory foam, which is the perfect partner with the pocket springs. It will treat your pressure points. The mattress has a very firm spring, it also has a unique design, making it supportive and comfortable. The mattress has qualities that you might not find in other products. It does full justice to its price tag.

The mattress has no mad odor when opened, it is about 22 cm deep. If you are someone who has been facing trouble falling asleep, then say goodbye to your problems with this product.

It is available in several sizes and is also hypoallergenic.

Key features:
  • Is 22cm deep
  • Has memory foam
  • Firm support
  • Contains pocket springs

This is another quite impressive product. It contains about 1000 springs for pressure relief and the comfort of the owner. It also has ‘zoned support’, meaning that it will support you across your hips and shoulders to help with your spinal alignment.

The soft knit cover on the mattress gives it even more durability, resulting in the fact that it will last a long time with you. The mattress has a 24cm depth. For a clean sleep, it has been made hypoallergenic. This will also keep you safe.

The mattress is soft, but will still provide you with all the comfort in the world. This mattress will surely bring comfort to your bedroom, you will be looking forward to your nap with this product.

Key features:
  • Micro Quilted
  • Has 1000 springs
  • Zoned support
  • Hypoallergenic
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