10 Best Rotary Washing Lines in 2020

Hills Rotary 6 Premium Hoist Washing Clothes Line

Expensive for a washing line though it is reflected in quality, a reviewer had the line for 22 years before replacing, 34m of line and 10-year guarantee.

40M Rotary Airer Clothes Dryer Washing Line

Great budget washing line, 40m is perfect for a small sized family (3-4) people and it even includes a cover for a great price.

Brabantia WallFix Retractable Washing Line

This line uniquely fixes to the wall and folds easily taking up little to no room, it is very popular and offers 24m of line and a 5-year guarantee.

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Large Rotary Airer Washing Linevailable in 40-60m, adjustable dryer height, 5-year guarantee.££
Addis 4-Arm Rotary Airer Washing LinePopular budget line, 35-50m capacity, 3 arm or 4 arm models.£
Premium quality 40 metre Rotary Washing lineEasy locking system, 4-line tension variations, zipper cover.££
40M Rotary Airer Clothes Dryer Washing Line Budget washing line, 40m capacity, cover included.£
LIVIVO Outdoor Garden 45m folding Rotary Washing Line 45m capacity, available in silver or black, good value for money.££
60 Metre Rotary Washing Line with Hoist60m capacity ideal for large families, hoist handle for adjusting height.
Brabantia Essential Rotary Washing Line AirerUmbrella system, 30-50m capacity, special holes for clothes hangers.££
Hills Rotary 6 Premium Hoist Washing Clothes LineLong lasting line, 10-year guarantee, one reviewer had it for 22 years, 34m of line.££££
Brabantia WallFix Retractable Washing LineUnique wall hanging design, 24 metres of line, very popular, 5-year guarantee.£££
Leifheit Linomatic Rotary Washing Line 500 Deluxe - 50 mLines sit within arms when closed, 40m-60m capacity, 3-year guarantee.££

Buying guide to Rotary Washing Line

Hanging clothes outside in the summer is a great way to dry them quickly and a rotary washing line is the perfect kit for the job. It’s great to keep clothes out of the house when you can as the vapour can cause dampness and well, you may as well make the most of the sun.

There are many lines available on the market varying in price, size, features and quality so knowing which to buy isn’t always the easiest. We’ve hand-picked our favourite 10 varying in all the aforementioned factors and reviewed them so you can make an informed choice when buying.

This washing line from Brabantia is available in 3 different sizes: 40m, 50m and 60m to suit your needs. It features a Smart Lift-O-Match system in which you can adjust the dryer to your ideal height between 129cm and 187cm. The arms rotate so you can spin the line around instead of having to walk around to hang up clothes. The low position is ideal for airing bedding and cushions whilst the arms are fitted with holes to fit clothes hangers making it ideal for delicate laundry. It also comes with a 5-year manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind and WeForest will plant a tree on behalf of Brabantia on your purchase. For the arier with large capacity check out the best cloth airer which is made from sturdy and long-lasting steel.


Key features:
  • Available in 3 sizes 40m, 50m and 60m
  • Adjustable dryer height to suit needs or ideal working height (129-187cm)
  • 5-year manufacturer guarantee

This line from Addis is available in a 3-arm and a 4-arm model and 4 different capacities varying only slightly: 35m, 40m, 45m and 50m. It is a low-end washing line and this is reflected in the price, making it ideal for someone on a budget or someone who doesn’t plan to use it all that often. It has a variable tension setting and a turning circle of 2.47m whilst its max height is 1.75m. An umbrella clip holds the line in place at the top whilst the arms rotate. It is complete with a 32mm metal spike and is painted with rust resistant paint and has a stainless-steel finish. For removing the wrinkles and refreshing your clothes use garment steamers.


Key features:
  • Popular budget line offered at a competitive price
  • Available in a 3 arm or 4 arm model and 4 different sizes
  • Paint with rust resistant paint and sports a stainless-steel finish

This washing line from the Home Laundry Company is a middle range, popular high quality 40 metre line. There is no variation on size so you will have to just opt for the one size which is ideal for families of around 3-4 people. It features a 40mm steel centre pole and an easy locking system with 4 different line tensions depending on your preference. It ships with a free metal ground spike and a water-resistant cover with a zipper so you can put it away with ease. It features hooks on the line for hangers so you can hang your delicate clothing if you need to. It sports great reviews focussing on quality, ease of use and long lasting. For perfect summer days and full relaxation check our guide on inflatable hot tubs.


Key features:
  • Easy locking system with 4-line tension variants
  •  Included ground pole and zipper cover
  • Great reviews at a reasonable price

This line is an absolute bargain, it is your absolute bog-standard line with no unique features or qualities. It features great reviews though some have said it is hard to assemble but many others have disagreed but it may be worth noting. It has a 40m capacity and features a 4-arm design standing 1.75m tall in which the top part rotates so you can move the line instead of your position.

As standard in includes a ground pole for setup and a cover for times when it’s not in use. It is a great line for anyone looking for a cheap but good quality washing line.


Key features:
  • Great budget washing line
  • 40m capacity ideal for a small family
  • Cover and ground pole included as standard

This line from LIVIVO is another great, low range washing line featuring no standout features but excelling in value for money. It has a 45m capacity, one size only making it ideal for small families of 3-4 people. Uniquely it is available in your standard silver or full black, which offers a slightly different look though some may consider it a bit tacky, it’s all preference.

It is easy to assemble and as standard in includes the ground pole for fixing it in if you don’t have a place already and a cover so you can protect it when not using it. It is the cheapest 45m line on our list as of yet and wouldn’t disappoint.


Key features:
  • Great value for money
  • Included ground pole and cover
  •  Ideal for families of 3-4 people

This 3-arm washing line from The Home Laundry Company is a high end washing line featuring a unique and stylish design. It has a capacity of up to 60m, capable of hanging king size duvets and sheets without folding with the durability of a 50mm steel pole. It has a hoist handle which enables you to hang at a comfortable height (1.63m) and then wind it to its maximum height (1.96m) for drying.

As standard, it ships with a zipper cover and ground socket with a locking mechanism for ease of use when setting up. The turning circle is around 3m and the distance between each arm is around 2.57m. It is ideal for someone looking for a quality, great looking line with some money to spend.


Key features:
  • 60m capacity ideal for large families
  • Hoist handle adjusts the height of the line easily
  • Stylish and unique design

Another line from Brabantia is the Essential Rotary available in 30m, 40m, 40m with cover and 50m. For most of these lines they include a cover for free so for an extra cost for the cover it’s not ideal, however it has not deterred people and it is a very popular line. It features the same function as an umbrella so it is easy to put up and down and it is UV-resistant with a non-slip profile.

The arms feature holes ideal for clothes hangers for any delicate laundry. It comes with a fantastic 5 year Brabantia guarantee and a tree is planted for every line sold by WeForest. It is a good quality line, though it is not particularly cheap and probably won’t be your first choice.


Key features:
  • Variable sizes so you can buy one suitable for you
  • Umbrella system making it easy to put up or down
  • Special holes for clothes hangers

This rotary washing line from Hills will set you back a good amount, it is not cheap but it is echoed in the quality. It sports a forest green colour unique to our list and has 6 lines along each side totalling 34, meaning it is a small line ideal for only 2-3 people. The hoist allows you to load it when low and move it up for drying at its maximum height.

It ships with a whopping 10-year guarantee and one reviewer had the line for 22 years before replacing it, so it is more of an investment. It is a great line for someone with some money to spend who doesn’t want to replace it for a very long time.


Key features:
  • Long lasting quality line
  • 34m of line ideal for 2-3 people
  • 10-year guarantee with one user having it for 22 years

The Brabantia WallFix is a different kind of line, it fixes to the wall, making it great for people who perhaps don’t have the room for a standard pole line or just prefer this design. It folds away when not in use and offers 24 metres of clothing line so it is not ideal for a large family but you can make it work. It ships with a cover and when folded it is incredibly compact, whilst sporting a solid construction and corrosion resistant materials.

It is a super popular line with the most reviews on our list and a 4.5-star rating. It ships with a 5-year guarantee which gives you piece of mind if anything goes wrong.


Key features:
  • Unique compact wall design
  • 24 metres of line capable of a full washing load
  • Very popular with fantastic rating

The Leiftheit Linomatic is a high end washing line with 50m of line, capable of holding up to 5 washing loads and features 8 hooks for clothes hangers. It is easy to open with a retractable pull-cord and easy closing with a simple push button release saving any need for bending down. When closed the lines stay within the arms keeping them clean and preventing them from tangling saving you from having to wash the line.

It ships with a ground socket and a 3-year guarantee, though no cover since you don’t really need one. It is also available in 40m and 60m if you need.


Key features:
  • Lines sit within the arms when closed to keep them clean and tangle-free
  • Holds up to 5 washing loads and has 8 hooks for clothing hangers
  • Simple push button release saving bending down