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8 Best Soft Mattresses in 2020

HomyLink Memory Foam MattressPocket sprung coil system, 20cm height, and breathable brocade soft fabric£
DOSLEEPS Mattress9 support layers with Tencel top cover£
Silentnight 3 Zone Memory Foam3 zones of support with Miratex and memory foam, 100% allergy-free£
Vesgantti MattressPocket spring system with infused memory foam layers£
Inofia Memory Foam9 layers with pocketed spring and memory foam££
Naturalex EXTRA FRESH mattressAero Latex with bio memory foam, dual-side for winter and summer£££
Emma high Memory Foam Mattress3 layer with Airgocell, memory and polyurethane foam£££
eve Sleep Mattress3-layer technology of memory foam with zero motion transfer and climate control£££

Best Soft Mattress UK

A great soft mattress offers good night’s sleep after a productive and busy day. When it comes to choosing a mattress, most people think a firm mattress is the best option, especially for back pain. This isn’t true as mattress affects your spine in many different ways. A mattress that is too soft, it puts your body out of alignment as you sink in. If a mattress is too firm, you are likely to suffer from pressure areas like shoulders and hips. In order to prevent these body aches while sleep, make sure you have the correct spinal alignment; a neutral position so that neck, middle and lower back are in perfect alignment. Focus on the mattress type that provides the support you need with reference to body weight and different sleeping positions.

Many mattress companies promise to offer the most comfortable sleep. The mattress types, price, built, and customized sleep settings can be difficult to navigate. To help you pick the right one that fits your needs, we’ve listed the best soft mattress on the market.

Sleeping on low quality, hard, and uncomfortable mattress can cause a lot of alignment problems. To get a good night’s rest and sleep, you need a pocket sprung mattress from HomyLink that is specially engineered for the most comfortable sleeping experience. The super-soft sprung mattress’s ergonomic orthopaedic design supports your natural body contour and guarantees comfortable sleep by reliving body pressure. This 20cm 7-layer mattress features a pocket sprung system where each spring independently operates, supports, and expands. Plus, the springs are 2-times heat treated which makes them resistant to corrosion and heat, adding to longevity. Sprung system made of high carbon steel has a strong resilience and prevents rusty friction noise. Not only all your sleeping problems will disappear, but it also features massage convoluted wave foam layer that promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles while you’re asleep.

Also, the high-elasticity foam and pad layer with soft surface adjusts to your body posture naturally to relax the body. Moreover, with its vibration and sound absorbent pockets sprung coil, you can sleep comfortably just the way you want. This deluxe mattress is built from a 3D breathable natural knitted Brocade fabric that is not only soft but also safe from allergies, anti-static, wear-resistant, skin-friendly, and anti-pilling. Say goodbye to sweaty nights! The breathable, moisture-proof and dry fabric features air-permeable ventilation holes at the surface for a refreshing and sweat-free sleep.

Key features:
  • 7 layers
  • Coil spring
  • Ergonomic orthopaedic design
  • Breathable fabric

The DOSLEEPS mattress is a single 90 x 190 x 22cm orthopaedic mattress with 9 layers and designed for special contour comfort. It is perfect for all types of sleepers who want the ultra-soft sleeping experience of memory foam and sprung system at an affordable price. The comfort layer is constructed with premium 2cm memory foam and 448 pocket spring for superior pressure relief especially important to side sleepers. Moreover, the moisture-proof Tencel fabric with great breathability ensures a comfortable sleep temperature throughout the night as it helps regulate body temperature.

With the 9 comfort zones with varying firmness, it provides head, lumbar, shoulder, hip, upper and lower leg, and ankle support. The pocket spring system with stainless steel coil offers increased support for your spine and back. A durable layer of medium-density at the bottom with anti-bacterial cotton and non-woven fabric layers gives the mattress structural integrity while reducing motion transfer between sleep partners. Plus, the mattress is offered at 22cm height with medium firmness for proper spine alignment.

Key features:
  • Tencel breathable fabric
  • 7 inches thick
  • 9 comfort zones
  • Moisture-proof

A full foam mattress with 18cm depth; the lower part is the Miratex high-density foam which gives you great support with movement absorbent property. The edge to edge support offers more personal space to sleep which means you won’t feel the other person moving, bumping or rolling around. Besides, it features 3 comfort zones with firmness and tension; a firmer zone to support lower back and hips. The 2 soft zones offer upper and lower body support and comfort.

On the top half, there is 30mm of a memory foam layer that moulds to your natural body contour for a natural sleeping position and helps to relieve pressure. Moreover, the fillings are 100% hypo-allergenic with Purotex which is great for allergy-prone people as it keeps dust mites away. The knitted cover is soft and breathable which is the UK approved. Provided with a 5-year warranty, this soft mattress provides ultimate comfort with pleasure feel.

Key features:
  • 3 comfort zones
  • Depth of 18cm
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Miratex foam

Sleeping on a hard mattress can cause body pains due to a lack of proper sleep with correct posture and alignment. The 135 x 190 x 26cm mattress by Vesgantti is made of 4 functional layers that include the pressure-relieving memory foam layer, spring coil support layer, enhanced edge support, and cooling top. Moreover, the specially designed wrapped spring system offers exceptional pressure alleviation from the head, shoulders, neck, legs, hips, and back.

The top cover is made of bamboo which is not only soft but also breathable to allow air circulation throughout the night to keep you dry and sweat-free. Besides, the cover fabric and foam are hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Moreover, the high tensile, resilience coil system is 100% shock-proof with the ability to absorb noise and vibration from turning and tossing.

A great option for backache sufferers as it provides ideal body support with its medium firmness. It is delivered to you vacuum compressed and rolled in a box. With the 100-night trial offer, you can return if this is not the right mattress for you.

Key features:
  • Wrapped spring coil
  • Breathable foam layers
  • 26cmm thickness
  • Pressure relieve and body support

When you tired or restless after a busy day, sleep is the only thing one looks forward to. It’s time you say bye to the low-quality hard mattress and buy the Inofia memory foam. This 4 by 6ft double bed mattress offers the right amount of firmness that’s needed for correct body posture. With the 9 comfortable layers that include memory foam, sterile layer, pocketed spring, high-density, and high-elastic foam offers the best sleep experience. The pocketed springs not only offer stable support and comfort, but the soft firm foam also relieves pressure from the body for a good night’s sleep. The spring system is built to last, thanks to the high-carbon 1000 ̊ heat treatment that gives it strength and support. Moreover, the sprung causes no sound when you turn over. 

With the top cover of 3D knitted fabric and breathable foam, you get a cool sleeping environment as hot air escapes through the tiny pores to provide balanced body temperature. Plus, Inofia offers a 100-night trial with a 10-year guarantee.

Key features:
  • 9 comfortable layers
  • 3D breathable top cover
  • Pocket springs for support
  • 4 weeks trial

The naturalex mattress is a hybrid memory foam with the technology of bio memory aero latex that suits every sleeping position. It is one of the most popular and comfortable mattresses on the market because of high-built quality and advanced features for superior comfort. The unique thing about this mattress is that offers 2 sides; one for winters and the other for summer to maintain your body temperature throughout every season.

With the Aero latex and Blue latex technology, the mattress provides medium-firmness with a thickness of 30cm. The open microcells in foam allow for proper air ventilation during sleep to keep you dry. Plus, the summer mattress side with gel microcapsules keeps the body cool during hot nights. Moreover, the 7 support zones offer great comfort and pressure relief. The innovative technology of bio memory foam gives the pleasure of weightlessness and comfort. Besides, the high-density foam gives proper alignment and support to the body.

The fabric used for both summer and winter side is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly; Oeko-tex soft for winter and Airtex3D for summers.

Key features:
  • Latex technology
  • Dual-side for both seasons
  • 30cm thickness
  • Comfortable with ergonomic design
  • 10-year warranty

No more spinning head, body aches, and blank mind after sleep, the Emma foam mattress provides you hours of comfortable sleep with correct body alignment. The top cover climate regulating which means it’s made of breathable fibre that provides an ideal sleep environment. Plus, the cover is very elastic, thin, and helps with the airflow through the mattress.

Also, the thin cover doesn’t interfere with the comfortable feeling of the inner foam layers. When removable and machine washable cover is removed, it comprises of 3 layers. The top layer is the elastic comfort Airgocell foam like latex for optimized adaptability and air circulation. It also has quick responsive pressure with medium firmness. Underneath is the classic memory foam layer which ensures pressure relieves and improved spine support.

With unique channel construction in between the memory foam layer, it is ideal for all sleeping positions. The polyurethane bottom supportive layer offers the essential contour pressure to support your lower back, hips and shoulder areas. A perfect mattress for your bed, it features air comfort side grey cover with 3D mesh support and handles that give a very stylish look. The mattress stays in place no matter what, thanks to the non-slip elements that offer a good grip. This single 90 x 190 x 25 cm soft mattress comes vacuum-sealed in a box with 100-days trial and warranty of 10 years.

Key features:
  • 3 layers
  • Breathable top cover
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Comfortable and durable foam

If you are looking for a mattress that utilizes memory foam without the overheated and stuck feeling, look no further than the eve sleep mattress. It is designed using next-generation foams to provide all the benefits of memory foam that includes pressure-relieving, comfort, and freedom to move around. The top cover is double-knit and made of 100% polyester which creates a highly elastic, resilient, and soft surface. This not only provides a soft skin-friendly feel but it is also breathable and durable. To further promote ventilation, the side yellow fabric contains airflow holes.

Underneath the cover, the top layer is 2-inch contour memory foam that is very responsive. Not only does the mattress provide you with an easy turnaround, but it also offers adequate pressure point relief. The middle layer is the 1-inch active memory foam which prevents sinking into the comfort layer as it utilizes variable pressure foaming technology VPF. At the bottom, there is a 6.5-inch ultra-resilient foam base layer which is slightly denser to support hips and shoulders.

Key features:
  • 100-days in-home trial
  • 3-layer memory foam
  • Breathable top fabric
  • Provides body comfort and support

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