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10 Best Soundbars Under 200 pounds in the 2020

Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar System

The device can be set up quickly, and TVs, computers, laptops can be easily connected to the device. Both wired and wireless connectivity options are available with this soundbar.

GooDee Soundbar 2.0

This device comes with four speakers of five watts each, and they produce 85dB sound. It can be connected wirelessly to other Bluetooth enabled devices and convert the room into a home theater.

ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Subwoofer Surround Sound

Enjoy surround sound or 110dB with this device, that is produced by 120-watt speakers. A subwoofer is also available to enhance the bass notes of the music.

GooDee Soundbar 2.0Connect mobiles and laptops to the device with Bluetooth within a range of five meters to listen to music from anywhere£
Majority Skiddaw II Slim Soundbar Built-In Subwoofer Surround SoundEnjoy cinematic sound with this slim device that comes with a subwoofer£
AZATOM Studio Cinemax 2.1 Soundbar and SubwooferExcellent soundbar with subwoofer and Bluetooth connectivity.£
BOMAKER 37-inch 2.0 SoundbarUse USB storage devices to listen to music stored££
ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Subwoofer Surround SoundSoundbar with 4.2 Bluetooth compatibility and ultra-sleek design££
Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar with Bluetooth and S-Force Front SurroundConnect devices with Bluetooth for mobile compatibility££
Q Acoustics M2 Soundbar with Built-in SubwooferConnect Android mobile with Bluetooth and a subwoofer££
Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar with Built-In SubwooferThe device provides incredible sound experience in a small room£££
Sony HT-SD35 Bluetooth 2.1 Soundbar with Wireless SubwooferConnect the device to the TV and enjoy surround sound with S-Force PRO and wireless subwoofer£££
Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar SystemEnjoy high-quality sound with Bluetooth connectivity, optical and coaxial digital cables, and universal remote control£££

Best Soundbars Under 200 pounds in the UK

A soundbar is a device included with a surround sound system to enhance the sound. Many of the soundbars are not that great when compared to individual speakers. These devices can be attached to televisions, or other devices that have a sound system. The sound system in television is placed downward or towards the wall and volume has to be increased to listen to music or watch TV shows.

Soundbars are great to increase and enhance the auditory experience of crisp and clear sound output and quality. You can enjoy TV shows or music with good quality soundbars.


How to buy

  • Bluetooth connectivity: Some soundbars come with Bluetooth connectivity that users can connect with their mobiles or laptops. Many times, a wireless subwoofer is also included with the device.
  • Sound type: The soundbars come with stereo or surround sound, and users have to purchase the device according to their requirement.
  • Connection: Users have to check that the soundbar can be easily connected to the TV or existing audio system.
  • Channels: Buy a soundbar with 3 or more channels. It helps users to simulate sound to have an immersive experience like never before.
  • Placement of the device: Choose where you want to place the device, i.e., on a table or mounted on the wall. Buy accordingly, because some soundbars don’t have both options for placement.

The GooDee Soundbar 2.0 comes with four speakers of high quality that will fill the room with crisp and precise sound. All the speakers are of five-watts and music produced by all of them is 85dB. The device comes with Bluetooth version 4.2, that helps users stream the sound wirelessly. The soundbar can be in the range of 5 meters from the connector device. Other connectivity sockets in the soundbar are RCA/AUX inputs, 3.4mm audio input, and TF card.

The GooDee Soundbar 2.0 can be easily connected to computers, TV, tablets, and mobiles to enjoy the surround sound. A battery is also present in the soundbar that gives an output of two hours when fully charged. Buttons are available on the device, and users can also do so with the help of remote control. The soundbar is small in size and can be quickly moved from one place to another.

Key features:
  • Small in size
  • Two hours of battery output
  • Can be connected to multiple devices

The Majority Skiddaw II Slim Soundbar has a slim design and comes with a subwoofer. The device produces a sound output of 120 watts. Users can enjoy cinematic surround sound with this device. This variant can easily be used with the help of remote control. The remote has buttons which help in configuring bass and treble settings. Music modes can also be changed through remote and users can enjoy listening to music and dialogues clearly, and also hear other types of sounds.

The Bluetooth feature is available in the Majority Skiddaw II Slim Soundbar and helps users connect this soundbar to computers, laptops, mobiles, and tablets wirelessly to the soundbar. The devices that do not have Bluetooth can be connected to the soundbar with the help of AUX 3.5 mm line. An RCA cable can also be used to connect the TV to the soundbar. An optical input port is also available that users can use to connect the TV. Users will also get a warranty of 36 months, but they have to register online for it. In this warranty, technical support will be provided for all components of the device.

Key features:
  • Cable to connect the TV
  • Wireless connection available
  • Optical input port available

This device comes with four speakers, that can be configured in any direction. The size of the AZATOM Studio Cinemax 2.1 Soundbar is 28 inch and can be connected to any television whose dimensions are in the range of 24 inches and 60 inches. The device also comes with a wired subwoofer, and the subwoofer and speakers can provide the experience of a home theatre inside the house. There are various connectivity options present in the AZATOM Studio Cinemax 2.1 Soundbar, that include optical, coaxial, and AUX and help to connect flat-screen TVs, tablets, computers, and other devices.

Wireless connection is also possible with the help of Bluetooth 4.0. Another feature that will provide comfort to the users is the presence of remote control that users can handle to control the device while resting in bed or sofa. Additionally, you will get lifetime support for this device and a premium warranty of three years.

Key features:
  • Remote control available
  • Speakers along with subwoofer available
  • Can be connected wirelessly

The BOMAKER 37-inch 2.0 Soundbar can easily be connected to TV and people can listen to an enhanced sound with the help of four stereo speakers present in the soundbar. The amount of sound produced by the speakers is 110dB. The frequency of the soundbar ranges between 50Hz to 20 kHz, which helps convert the room from a common area to a home theater.  The BOMAKER 37-inch 2.0 Soundbar comes with a multi-sound mode. The dialogue mode helps people hear every word clearly while the enhanced bass intensifies the music.

The BOMAKER 37-inch 2.0 Soundbar also comes with Bluetooth version 4.2 that helps connect the soundbar with other Bluetooth enabled devices like computers, laptops, mobiles, and so on. The distance between two Bluetooth enabled devices can be 33 feet. Another connectivity option besides Bluetooth is USB. The device has a modern design as it comes with scratch-resistant paint.

Key features:
  • Modern design
  • Four stereo speakers
  • 50Hz to 20 kHz frequency

The ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar will help users enjoy surround sound like home. This incredible soundbar has four speakers along with dual tweeter drivers that help produce a sound of 110dB. The speakers present in the device are of 120 watts. A wired subwoofer enhances the bass effect. Various connectivity options are available in the ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar, like optical, coaxial, and AUX inputs. Users can connect multiple devices like flat screen TVs, computers, tablets, mobiles, and A/V receivers to enjoy crisp and clear sound.

The ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar is also Bluetooth version 4.2 compatible. The distance between the soundbar and other Bluetooth enabled devices can be in the range of 15 meters. The design of the device is ultra seek as its length is only 34 inch. There are different audio modes like 3D news, movies, and music that help users hear sounds differently as per the program they are watching.

Key features:
  • Sleek design
  • Wired subwoofer to enhance the sound
  • Various connectivity options

The Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar produces a powerful sound with the help of S-Force front surround and bass unit. The device can easily be connected to the TV with the help of HDMI. The soundbar also helps in listening to music with the help of a USB or Bluetooth connection.

The design of the Sony HT-SF150 2ch Single Soundbar is very slim and people can place it either in front of their television or can wall-mount it. This soundbar comes with two speakers that produce surround sound. A cable with HDMI ARC helps in sending sound information from the TV. The device also provides bass with crystal clear, uninterrupted sound clarity. The product has a weight of 2.4 kg and has dimensions of 8.8 x 90 x 6.4 cm.

Key features:
  • Mobile compatible
  • Has two speakers
  • Slim in design

The Q Acoustics M2 Soundbar consists of a powerful 80-watt amplifier, which delivers excellent sound from the TV and other audio and video devices. The soundbar is enabled with Bluetooth so that it can easily be connected to all Android devices. Another feature present in the device is MoviEQ, that provides equalization of soundtracks for movies and games.

The Q Acoustics M2 Soundbar has BMR speakers that fill the room with sound, and users can listen to every beat of the music. HDMI port is also available that helps to connect with devices having HDMI. A subwoofer is also inbuilt in the soundbar for an enhanced auditory experience.

Key features:
  • HDMI accessibility
  • BMR speakers and subwoofer
  • Easily mountable

The Q Acoustics Media 4 Soundbar comes with a subwoofer, that eliminates the need for any other accessories like cables and boxes. A wall bracket is packed so the soundbar can be easily mounted on the wall. Sound enhancement is present thanks to the presence of BMR loudspeaker drive units.

Digital optical analog inputs are available in the device, that help people connect Blu-ray, CD, and DVD players to smartphone devices. Bluetooth connectivity is also present.

Key features:
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Subwoofer
  • Has BMR loudspeaker drive unit

The Sony HT-SD35 Bluetooth 2.1 Soundbar produces a sound of 320W. The audio output is enhanced with the presence of a subwoofer. The sound of the action scenes and music tracks can be heard very clearly. Another technology included in the device is S-Force PRO surround sound. Most people will have a feeling that they are sitting in a cinema hall and watching a movie.

The bass sound of the Sony HT-SD35 Bluetooth 2.1 Soundbar is fantastic and is produced by the subwoofer present in the device. This soundbar can easily be mounted on the wall and can be connected to the TV. Almost all kinds of televisions can be connected to the Sony HT-SD35 Bluetooth 2.1 Soundbar. Besides this, the soundbar also has Bluetooth so other Bluetooth enabled devices such as laptops and mobiles can quickly connect.

Key features:
  • Clear bass
  • Connection wide range of TVs
  • Every beat is clear.

The Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar System provides a high quality of sound when attached to a television. There is a dialog mode that helps users listen to every word clearly. Bluetooth connectivity can help connect mobiles and laptops to this soundbar.

The Bose Solo 5 TV Soundbar System comes with one TV connection along with a speaker and remote control. It also comes with optical and coaxial digital audio cables. This Bose soundbar can be placed on any shelf/ table, or it can be wall-mounted. It comes with a universal remote that can access a blu-ray player or any bluetooth device.

Key features:
  • Small in size
  • Operable by remote
  • Sound quality is good enough.