10 Best Soundbars Under £100 in 2020

Sony HT-SF 150 2ch Single Soundbar

This Soundbar has an S-Force front surround which provides powerful surround sound. Using the HDMI cable connection, you can connect it with your TV. You can also combine it with your mobile phones and other devices using USB cable or Bluetooth connection. This is a 2.0 Channel soundbar with a bass reflex speaker.

Elegiant Portable USB Speakers, Wired Stereo Soundbar

It comes in the shape of a Strip. Its modern style is designed with a 2.0 Dual Channel that provides clear and high-quality surround sound. You do not need to install any software or drivers to operate this Soundbar; hence, it is effortless to operate. You can use this Soundbar with a 6W USB powered device that is provided with it. It supports multiple connectivities except for HDMI wire. The USB cable is 4ft long and can also be extended using an extension cord.

Majority Ben Nevis II Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer

A subwoofer is also included in the box of this Soundbar. Both the subwoofer and 2.0 Channel Soundbar are connected through the wireless connection. It produces 150W high-quality surround sound, and you can keep this subwoofer anywhere in your room to experience high-quality cinematic surround sound.

Best Soundbars under 100FeaturesPrice
Elegiant Portable USB Speakers, Wired Stereo SoundbarUSB powered speakers, 2.0 Dual channels, easy to operate£
Majority Skiddaw II Slim Soundbar Built-In Subwoofer Surround SoundBuilt-in subwoofer systems, 120W wireless Bluetooth device, three months warranty£
Majority Snowdon II Soundbar with Built-In Subwoofer Surround SoundSignificant remote control, 36 months warranty, in-built woofer system££
MEGACRA TV Soundbar with Dual Bass Ports28 inches, one year warranty, Wired/ Wireless connectivity££
Majority Ben Nevis II Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer3 years warranty, 2.1 Channel Soundbar, Bluetooth connectivity££
ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Subwoofer Surround Sound4 EQ Audio modes, Ultra sleek design, IR remote control£££
Meidong Soundbar, Wired & Wireless Bluetooth Home Audio2.0 Channel, 4.1 Bluetooth, 18 months warranty £££
Fityou Soundbar for TV 2.04.2 Bluetooth, 2.0 Channel, and Remote control£££
LG SJ2 Soundbar with 2.1 Channels2.1 Channel, 160 W speaker set, Wireless connectivity£££
Sony HT-SF 150 2ch Single Soundbar2ch Single Soundbar, Bluetooth, and S-Force Front Surround£££


Buying guide to Best Soundbars under £100

The Soundbar is a loudspeaker that projects the audio from a full enclosure. It is also known as the media bar. These soundbars can be mounted below or above your television. It is a cabinet of many speakers which are placed to create a surround sound effect. Moreover, a soundbar comes with a separate subwoofer. To get the experience of home theatre, a soundbar is the best option.


How to buy the best Soundbar

A soundbar system should emulate a full-featured surround sound. However, it can be challenging to choose the best Soundbar because of the diversity of options. The features that you should take into consideration while buying the best Soundbar include subwoofers, multiple connections, channels and Dolby Atmos, IR sensors and placement, and sound bases. Numerous connections and Channels of Soundbar are the most crucial factor that you should check first to buy the best Soundbar.

The reviews below are arranged in increasing price points keeping in mind the quality, durability, features, and sound effects.

This Soundbar looks like an audio strip. It comes with a simplistic modern style with 2.0 Dual Channel providing a crystal clear sound with a high-quality experience. This Soundbar is easy to operate because there is no need to install any software or driver for it. There is no need to have a hotspot, Bluetooth signal, or network. You can use your speaker with a 6W USB powered device through the USB port. There is no need for batteries and power cord.

The USB cable provided with the Soundbar is 1.2 meter or 4 ft in length, and you can also extend it using extension cords. It comes with a high-density metal protective net cover to prevent box vibration and resonance of music. You can connect this Soundbar with any connectivity except HDMI wire. For the full comfort and enjoyment listen your favourite songs on the pocket spring mattress.


Key features:
  • It is effortless to operate because there is no need to install any software or driver to use it.
  • Connectivity through 1.2 meters or 4ft long USB cable wire.
  • It comes with a high-density metal protective net cover to prevent resonance.

The Skiddaw soundbar comes with a slim design, and there is an in-built sub-woofer system in this Soundbar. It has a 120W output to produce high-quality cinematic sound. It comes with a remote control, so you can control this Soundbar using its extensive remote control system. Additionally, this Skiddaw Soundbar provides a list to choose different sound systems.

You can easily connect this Soundbar to your mobile phones, tablet, or any other device. You can also connect it via AUX 3.5 mm line-in with other devices that do not support Bluetooth. To quickly connect the Skiddaw Soundbar with your TV, you can use the RCA cable that is provided with it. You can also connect this Soundbar with your TV using optical cable because this versatile Soundbar also comes with an optical cable port. Improve the quality of your indoor air with our vax air purifiers.


Key features:
  • You can personalize the sound system to your audio
  • Adjustable bass and treble settings
  • Use remote to control the Soundbar

This Soundbar comes with a virtual surround sound, including the in-built sub-woofer. You can wall mount the Majority Snowdon II Soundbar above your TV to get high-quality cinematic sound. You can also connect the Soundbar with many of your devices like TV, mobile phones, tablet, radio, and many others.

Bluetooth-enabled devices can be connected with it via a simple Bluetooth function. Also, others can be connected via AUX 3.5 mm. You can also join the Majority Snowdon II to your TV using an optical cable. You can change the sound setting of your choice using the sizeable remote control provided. For more useful home products check out our guide on soft mattresses.


Key features:
  • Comes with a significant remote control so you can adjust the treble and bass set of the sound system.
  • Easy to connect wirelessly, with Bluetooth or using the optical cable with your TV
  • It comes with RCA stereo and 3.5 mm AUX cable to combine it with all other devices

The MEGACRA soundbar includes 3 inches of full range drivers and dual bass ports which enhance deep bass notes and boosts up a loud sound without any distortion. You can control the MEGACRA Soundbar with a remote control that comes with it. With an IR function that you can program with your TV, cable box, or Universal remote control, you can control the power, mute, and volume of the sound system.

You can connect this MEGACRA Soundbar with your devices by using a wired or wireless connection like optical cable, RCA inputs, Bluetooth for various devices like TV, Laptops, PC, mobile phones, and so on. With one set of the MEGACRA Soundbar, you get a box-like remote controller, optical cable, power adapter, RCA cable of 3.5 mm, accessories to mount on the wall, and a user-friendly instruction manual. Additionally, the MEGACRA Soundbar comes with a  one-year free warranty.


Key features:
  • Includes many accessories in one box
  • You can control the sound system using the remote control
  • It can be connected using wired or wireless connections.

A freestanding subwoofer comes along with this Soundbar. There is a wireless connection between this 2.1 Channel soundbar and subwoofer which allows you to keep this subwoofer anywhere in your room. This Majority Ben Nevis II Soundbar & Wireless Subwoofer fills your room with cinematic surround sound. It produces 150W high-quality surround sound.


Key features:
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth and AUX of 3.5 mm
  • It comes with significant remote control to change the treble and bass settings
  • You can connect to any of your devices

This 120W ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Subwoofer Surround Sound is a powerful stereo soundbar that comes with dual tweeter drivers and four full-range speakers. This Soundbar brings the fantastic experience of home theatre surround sound into the comfort of your living room. It facilitates a wired external subwoofer which enhances the sound effect and the bass for the immersive audio system. You can connect it by using multiple connections like coaxial, optical cable, and AUX input to any of your devices like computer, TV, AV receiver, tablet, and many more for the high-quality surround sound experience.

You can connect the ABOX 2.1 Channel Soundbar & Subwoofer Surround Sound by Bluetooth 4.2 connection which allows you to join this Soundbar to any device up to 15 m distance. This Soundbar is of 34 inches and is best suited to use with any 35”+ flat screen TV. It will provide you with a more vibrant and crystal-clear dialogue for shows and movies.


Key features:
  • You can connect it by using multiple connections like Bluetooth, USB, AUX, coaxial, and optical cable
  • Comes with four full-range speakers and two tweeter drivers.
  • The experience of home theatre surround sound

This 2.0 Channel sound system is more suitable for the binaural effect. It produces super bright sound quality. The Meidong Soundbar is equipped with an advanced Bluetooth technology for wireless connectivity and remote control to control the music anytime. It can be connected using multiple connections. You can even place it below the TV.

The box of contents of the Meidong Soundbar contains many accessories like an optical cable, RCA, power supply, AUX, remote control, User guide, and 18 months warranty.


Key features:
  • Connectivity using multiple connections
  • Advanced 4.1 Bluetooth technology to support long term wireless connectivity
  • Control of the music system through remote control

This Soundbar is inbuilt with 6 premium subwoofer speakers and 2 bass diaphragms. The Fityou Soundbar comes with 2.0 channel which delivers a full range of room-filling realistic sound. It can connect to the  TV with a 50W Bluetooth feature. This Soundbar provides you with a fantastic experience of home cinema.

You can use multiple connections to connect this Soundbar with smartphones, laptops, tablets, TV, PC, DVD player, MP3 players, and PS4. You can also connect via Bluetooth 4.2, coaxial, RCA, and optical cable to all these devices.


Key features:
  • It offers multiple connectivities using 4.2 Bluetooth, coaxial, RCA, and optical cable to connect with different devices.
  • It comes with a remote control to adjust the settings of the Soundbar for different sound effects.
  • There are LED indicators on the remote to indicate various modes of sound.

There are two speaker drives within the LG SJ2 Soundbar. Due to the feature of two speaker drives, it delivers a high-quality clear and sharp sound. The LG SJ2 Soundbar posses wireless connectivity. It is designed to connect without wires. In this single speaker unit, tweeter and woofer systems are housed which produce clear cinematic sound.

You can connect the LG SJ2 Soundbar via Bluetooth with all other devices like LG TV, music systems, mobile phones, and more. The front side of this Soundbar is designed like a robust mould grill. Also, a  wireless bass speaker set of 160W comes with the LG SJ2 Soundbar for versatility in sound. You can also connect it by using multiple cables.


Key features:
  • Comes with a 160W speaker set with a wireless bass
  • Wireless connectivity through Bluetooth
  • Includes sub-woofer in the single Soundbar

The Sony HT-SF 150 2ch Single Soundbar has a powerful surround sound. We can thank the S-Force front surround and brass reflex unit in this Soundbar for the superior quality audio output. You can connect it quite easily using a secure HDMI connection with your TV, and you can listen to instant music from your mobile phone via USB or Bluetooth.

This Sony HT soundbar is designed elegantly with soft edges to wall-mount or place it in front of your TV. It also includes two speakers for the surrounding front sound. Just by using one cable connection with HDMI ARC, you can send audio and control information to it. You can enjoy your favourite shows and music by increasing the sound quality using the 2 Channel sound bar with Brass Reflex Speaker.


Key features:
  • Comes with Optical Cable, AC Cord, and 1 Remote control
  • Easily connected to the TV audio through HDMI ARC.
  • Connectivity via USB or Bluetooth with your mobile phones