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10 Best Telescopic Ladders in 2020

COSTWAY 3.8M Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

This is a safe-to-use telescoping ladder that is ideal for both indoors and outdoors, that comes with carrying strap and compact storage.

Multipurpose Telescopic A-Frame Ladder with Hinges

This telescopic ladder extends from 1.9M (when folded) to 3.8M (when fully extended).

Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladder

A 2-person convertible ladder with 28 different height options and extends up to 22 feet.

Multipurpose Telescopic A-Frame Ladder with HingesHas aluminum folding extension, heavy-duty, suitable for outdoor working, 3.8M.£
Ladder 4.7M EN131 Telescoping AluminumEN131 certified, Tall Multi-Purpose, Loft folding, with safety lock hinges£
COSTWAY Aluminum 3.8M Telescoping LadderComes with independent locking device, carrying strap, adjustable height, and slide button, 3.8M£
Telescopic Ladder Jason 12.5FT3.8M High Quality, Weight capacity of 330 lbs, Aluminum Ladder, Extendable with EN131 and CE Standard£
WolfWise 4.7M Telescoping Ladder4.7M ladder, Aluminum, MultiPurpose Loft ladder, Black.££
Finether 5M Aluminium Telescopic Ladder5M made to the last aluminum telescopic ladder. It comes with extension and retraction design.££
Werner MT-22 telescoping-ladderMulti-Ladder, that can extend up to 22 feet and has 28 different adjustable height options.££
Ohuhu 15.5 FT Telescoping LadderComes with stabilizer bar, is EN131 Certified and 330-pound capacity£££
Telesteps 1600EP16 ft. a wide step extension ladder is OSHA certified and comes with a One-touch release system.£££
Xtend & Climb Contractor SeriesANSI and OSHA certified airplane grade aluminum alloy, and thumb release mechanism.££££

Best Telescopic Ladder UK

Ladders are an essential handyman tool be it for the home, or for professional services. They help you reach high and inconvenient spots, without having to rely on other people. Regular ladders, however, are not very practical in terms of storage or transport. Telescopic ladders, on the other hand, are much more useful and safer as they are foldable, lighter and adjustable according to the height that you need. 

Telescopic ladders are sturdy and thus prevent accidental falls that may harm you. They are the latest technology in handyman tools, which make them a must-have. It is crucial that you get familiar with the installation guide and instructions as their features are slightly complicated in comparison to standard ladders.  

The telescopic ladder is identical to a telescope such that the steps of the ladder are pushed back until they all collapse on to one another and make it portable. Similarly, when you want to use the ladder, you erect the ladder on the desired level and enable the locking feature so it does not fall while you are standing. We have combined a list of telescopic ladders with their respective features, for you to decide which one fits your needs the most. So, let’s get right down to it.

The Costway Aluminum Telescoping Ladder supports weight up to 150 kg, has a total of 13 steps along with locking mechanisms from the 2nd to 12th rung. It is a high-quality ladder that is made of sturdy material and can be adjusted to the specific height you want to get to. Moreover, it ensures maximum safety as it has retraction buttons for all rungs. All you have to do is press the button according to how far up or down you want to go to.  It is made from premium aluminum alloy and is still lightweight and easy to carry.

Its locking pins are a must-have safety feature. They make sure the sections are held in place so that accidental touch does not lead to retraction. In addition, the footboard is made out of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy further strengthening and making safer for use. The ladder weighs only 10 kg, which means that once it is folded to its compact size, it can be carried around anywhere. It can easily fit in the trunk of your car and can be carried around with ease.

Furthermore, there is a 30 cm step space so that moving up and down is easy. It also features a carrying strap, which makes it easy to carry around when in a compact size. If you want to easily access your loft area consider buying the best loft ladders.

Key features:
  • Made from premium aluminum alloy
  • Max weight capacity: 150 kg
  • Comes with Independent button for retraction
  • Comes with Carrying strap and User guide

This A-Frame telescopic ladder is 1.9M long but extends up to 2.8 M when opened. The good thing about this ladder is that it can be folded down to merely 18 cm in height, which makes it extremely compact and easy to carry from one place to another. Moreover, it comes with straps that enable easier storage for ease and convenience.

It is, however, a heavy-duty ladder, which weighs about 13.5 kg or 30 lbs. Moreover, it is made of high-quality aluminum, which is both rustproof and durable for a long time. It can tolerate a weight capacity of 330 lbs or 150 kg. Furthermore, this ladder is multi-purpose as it can become an A-frame ladder and straight ladder depending on the type you require for your job.

It is a highly safe ladder since it comes with anti-slip rubber at the foot and a stabilizer bar, as well as locking hinges. Not only that, but it is EN131 certified. It also offers a 100% satisfaction warranty, in addition to 90 days return and exchange policy. They also offer a 2-year quality warranty, so if you do not like it you can easily return or exchange for another. With the best cordless pressure washers you can clean anywhere very fast and easy.

Key features:
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • High-quality aluminum design
  • Comes with Rubber-tipped feet
  • Approved by European Safety Standard EN131

A 22-foot ladder that comes with a unique design, accompanied by a multi-position feature. The legs are extra wide to enable maximum stability. It comes with soft-touch push knobs and 28 different height features that allow convenience and ease of use. Moreover, it is a professional grade ladder that features anti-slip steps and non-marring to discourage slipping.

The extension ladder height can go from 11 inches to 19 inches, while the stepladder height can go from 5 inches until 9. It is thus, perfect for higher ceilings and offers flexibility with its convertible features.

Key features:
  • Weight Capacity of 300 lbs
  • Weight: 45 lbs
  • Design is of professional-grade construction
  • Anti-slip and skid resistant

This telescopic ladder is a Type 1A OSHA and ANSI certified ladder is one of the best out there. The One-Touch release system makes it ideal for transportability as it retracts the ladder in an instant. To prevent scratches and slips, the feet of the ladder are covered with silicone padding.

The design is ideal, narrow at the top, but wide at the feet for a greater surface area for it to stand on. The rungs are 3.5 inches wide and thus proving maximum stability for the user. Last but not least, the design of the ladder is ideal, it is made from lightweight aluminum (aircraft grade), but is yet extremely sturdy and strong.

Key features:
  • OSHA and ANSI certification
  • ‘OneTouch’ release system
  • Comes with soft silicone feet for safety
  • Weight: 8.85 Kg

The Ohuhu ladder is made from premium aluminum alloy, which makes it one of the strongest out there. Despite the heavy metal used, it is just as lightweight. It also comes with intelligent locking pins that ensure that the rungs are in place, hence reducing the chances of accidents.

The stability of this ladder is great, as it features a stabilizer bar and anti-skid pads at the feet to prevent the ladder from wobbling. With a capacity to hold the weight of up to 33 lbs, and the extra-wide steps maximize stability. In addition, this ladder is EN131 and SGS European standard compliant, thus making it a great buy.

Key features:
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Good price to performance ratio
  • Type 1A ladder
  • Great customer service

The Finether telescopic ladder is EN 131 certified which makes it reliable and eco-friendly. IT has a multi-position system (multi functions) and is also anti-slip to further ensure safe use. The rung is also angled so that climbing is easy and convenient. When the extension ladder is opened, there are side latches, which ensure it is easy to operate.

Transportability is extremely easy as it comes with 2 wheel casters on the bar so instead of carrying it, you can simply push it around. In addition, there are 14 rungs and the ladder extension can go from 3.15 ft to 16.4 ft.

Key features:
  • Weight: 11.2 kg
  • Weight capacity: 330 lbs
  • Anti-slip rungs, grip handle
  • Aluminum alloy and EN131 certification

The WolfWise-telescoping ladder is a very safe one as it comes with secure footing features. Every section opens and closes safely without any risk of damage to the fingers. Moreover, it comes with non-slip foot caps that prevent accidents while you work. The height of the ladder is adjustable as per your needs.

Moreover, the aluminum alloy used is corrosion-resistant but is still lightweight. It can also be transported from one place to another because of its retraction feature. It also comes with a heavy-duty strap to aid in transport. Thus, the WolfWise Ladder proves to be ideal for those that want safety, transportability, and durability.

Key features:
  • Locking Mechanism
  • Grip handle
  • Weight Capacity: 330 lbs
  • Weight: 24.8 lbs

This ladder comes with a free tool shelf and is multi-purpose. It can support the weight of up to 150 kg, thus proving to be very accommodating. It is quite lightweight and requires easy assembly. To aid in transport and ease of storage, it can be folded down for compactness. It is manufactured to SGS and has safety certification.

This ladder is ideal for various sets of activities from painting(interior and exterior), climbing the loft or attic, gutter cleaning, etc.  It is a 16-step ladder, which also comes with two stabilizer bars that are 700 mm wide. Moreover, it comes with rubber caps on the feet to minimize the risk of accidents.

Key features:
  • Weight: 13.5 kg
  • Extension length: 4.7 M
  • Can become a step and straight ladder
  • Rust-proof

This ladder is extremely lightweight, weighing only 25 lbs, but is sturdy and strong at the same time. Not only that, but it extends up to 13.5 feet and features 13 steps when fully extended. Moreover, it is highly durable, especially since it is made from aluminum alloy and is corrosion and rust-resistant.

The ladder features 2 folding mechanisms, the first is safe folding, while the other is quick folding. You should go with whichever one you are comfortable with the most. An eco-friendly ladder comes with EN131 certification and is very safe. The rungs are adjustable and have inward latches, which operate with the touch of a single button. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor maintenance of the home, farms, offices, etc.

Finally, yet importantly, it comes with a self-locking mechanism, that ensures convenience but this can be dangerous so you must read the manual first.

Key features:
  • Weight capacity of 330 lbs (150 Kg)
  • Eco-friendly and EN131 certified
  • Can become a step and straight ladder
  • Automated up and down mechanism

The Xtend and Climb ladder is one of the most expensive telescopic ladders out there. It checks out in the safety requirement as it is ANSI and OSHA 2019 certified. It is made of aerospace-grade aluminum alloy for maximum strength. Moreover, locking the ladder is quite easy and is done by the foot to avoid the risk of hand injuries, all thanks to its angled thumb release. Transportability is extremely easy as it features an in-built handle for carrying and also comes with a closure strap.

Furthermore, it has an anodized finish, which makes it easy to clean and low maintenance. It is Type 1A rated and belong to the Pro Series Elite telescoping ladder. Finally, the rungs are angled so as to make sure the user stands easily and does not slip.

Key features:
  • Weight capacity of 330 lbs (150 Kg)
  • ANSI Type IA rating
  • airplane grade aluminum alloy
  • Comes with carrying handle and closure strap

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