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10 Best Turbo Trainers in 2020

Ultrasport Adjustable Turbo Grippers and TrainerFront-wheel support, 7-gear level, adjustable resistance, and steel constructed.£
Relaxdays Indoor Bicycle Turbo TrainerSteel beams, compact, pre-assembled, adjustable stand, tyre support, 120kg load limit.£
HOMCOM Bicycle Magnetic Turbo TrainerDurable steel construction, rigid frame, noise-free operation, easy setup, compact and space-saving.£
Yaheetech Magnetic Bike Turbo TrainerSpace saver, magnetic turbo, low noise, 150kg weight capacity, portable, adjustable design.£
Sportneer Indoor Bike Turbo TrainerIntegrated locking system, 6 resistance levels, steel frame, smooth ride, fair price, easy installation and use.£
DTX Fitness Adjustable Bike Turbo TrainerAdjustable design, sturdy, 7-level magnetic resistance, foldable design, 120kg maximum load capacity, easy assembly.£
Velo Indoor Magnetic Turbo TrainerFoldable design, quiet operation, all bike compatible, noiseless operation, easy storage.£
PedalPro Magnetic Bicycle Turbo TrainerLightweight aluminium construction, 7-speed handlebars control, safety nut lock, !20kg weight limit.£
Minoura LR341 Advanced Magnetic Bike Trainer7 resistance levels, quick-release, Advanced mag, durable frame, adjustable tension knob.££
Elite Qubo Turbo Power TrainerLightweight, compact and stable frame, Bluetooth compatibility, 8-level resistance, automatic roller adjustment.££

Best Turbo Trainer UK

Indoor cycling is a must-do activity for some people. It is a way to exercise in the cold and wet months so you can stay fit before another season comes around. The turbo trainer is not only a great way to keep fit during colder months, but also an effective way to exercise when you have little time.

The right turbo trainer can significantly improve the quality of your indoor activities and allows you to enjoy it more. You can decide to choose a good trainer that you can conveniently use without trouble or select an elegant turbo that you can use to connects the virtual worlds to dispel the boredom that arises when you look at the wall.

In order to streamline the selection process for you, below are the list of the best turbo trainers. Depending on your choice, the list includes budget-friendly, mid-range and expensive turbo trainers.

The Ultrasport Adjustable Turbo Grippers and Trainer is durable, solid and properly designed. The installation process is very easy, just attach the bike, and then you can start riding. Ensure that the rear wheel axle is positioned between the double supports and is secured with a suitable mechanism. The trainer is so compact that it can be stored under the bed after using it. This Ultrasport Turbo Trainer is ideal for bicycles with 26 or 28 inch and 700C wheel sizes. This trainer is perfect for all bikes, whether it has a quick-release system or not.

This device comes with a resistance changer, and it can be connected to the handlebar. Generally, this turbo trainer works smoothly and does not generate much noise, although it can be noisy in certain situations, for example at a higher speed or when used with MTB tyres. The trainer supports the maximum weight of 100kg with the bike. It features a 7-level resistance to guarantee you effective training regardless of the level, whether easy or difficult and make the simulation on both smooth roads and steep slopes easy.

Key features:
  • Collapsible and easily stored
  • Easy setup
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Non-slip grip

The first thing that will make you love this turbo trainer is the fact that you don’t have to go through the stress of assembling it. The trainer is built to provide you with an easy switch between outdoor and indoor training. It features a brace, and your bike can also be conveniently released after each use. The Relaxdays Indoor Bicycle Turbo Trainer like other trainers has a switch for changing the resistance level.

It works well with all bikes as long as the size of the wheel is between 26” and 28”. Even though it was pre-assembled; it is also collapsible for storage and travel purposes. Also, for this trainer, you would not need a headphone because the operation is smooth and does not make noise.

The gear system also allows you to manage the resistance so you can decide how intense you want your training to be. You don’t have to worry about tumbling because the trainer is solid and designed to give you a steady ride. The turbo trainer is designed for bikers and sports enthusiast who want to keep up with their fitness routine indoor and without spending much.

Key features:
  • Impressive weight capacity
  • Quick-release
  • 6-level gear
  • Pre-assembled from factory

Constructed from durable steel and supporting up to 150kg, the HOMCOM Bicycle Magnetic Turbo Trainer is designed to fit easily with two 26” to 28” and 700C tyres. And it has a tension knob at the rear wheel to keep it firmly secure to prevent it from removing during exercises. It also has five different integrated magnetic resistance levels that let you speed up safely.

This trainer is properly built and has a rigid frame. It is durable and is the best choice for road bikes. However, it might not be ideal for a mountain bike. It operates silently and has been regarded as one of the quietest turbo trainers available. Similar to most trainers on this list, it is compact and designed for use in all spaces, whether limited or not. It offers one the best way to convert your bike for indoor cycling at a reasonable price.

Key features:
  • Adjustable for all wheels
  • Low noise operation
  • Feet padded with rubber
  • Easy to set up

This turbo bike trainer is a quick-release lock trainer with plastic support. If you want a turbo that is a solid, affordable, and won’t require you to pay an additional price for more professional equipment, then the Yaheetech Turbo Bike Trainer is a perfect choice. The trainer is designed to produce low noise and provides a quiet training environment.

This fairly priced trainer is very easy to set up, and it features a folding design that allows you to save a lot of space when stored. The compact and folding design makes it suitably fit when you have limited space and also allows you to transport it easily. 

The stand is designed in an M shape to make it more stable, adaptable, and safe. The frame is built for heavy-duty and can support weight up to 150kg. You don’t have to feel boring while using this trainer, you can watch your Tv or listen to your favourite music while you use them.

Key features:
  • Five-level adjustment settings
  • Foldable design
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Low noise operation

The Sportneer Indoor Bike Turbo Trainer features a 6-level resistance setting and an ideal choice for every sports lover and regular trainer. This turbo trainer can serve as a replacement for your outdoor training and offers you an effective result. The bike is built for long-term use and intense workout as it features a durable steel frame.

Also, it has a built-in lock system that helps to hold the trainer firmly, therefore, making it more stable and safer while riding. The base of the trainer is broad and at the same time, compact enough for quick storage. It comes equipped with a rubber stand designed to prevent slipping during training

The operation of the turbo trainer is smooth and does not make much noise even while you increase your pace while riding. And it suitably fit well with all bikes that have the wheel size between 26 and 28 inches and works well with the rear axle of the of any bike between 4.92 to 6.57 inch. For more bike accessories, check out our picks for the best cycling shorts.

Key features:
  • Antislip rubber feet
  • Resistance adjustment settings
  • Stable on surfaces
  • Noiseless operation

As the name implies, this device is an adjustable turbo trainer that offers maximum convenience and comfort while using it. It is compatible with wheel sizes between 26” and 28” or 700C. It features a foldable design and has a quick release skewer to support the wheel and the hub of the bicycle. The DTX Fitness Adjustable Bike Turbo Trainer is built to provide a 7 level of magnetic resistance which makes it suitable for all workout regardless of the intensity.

The installation process of the turbo trainer is very straightforward and effortless. And while using the trainer, you will be surprised at how much it will meet and exceed your expectations from a fairly priced Trainer. It is easily folded when not in use; however, it may not produce a low noise like other trainers as it can be a bit louder.

You don’t have to leave your bike there every day as you can easily attach and remove your bike.

Key features:
  • Straightforward setup
  • Adjustable resistance settings
  • Can be adjusted to fit all bikes

This Velo Indoor Magnetic Turbo Trainer is an indoor training device built to make you feel the real road experience you have always loved. It’s built to allow you to train with your bike like a professional from the comfort of your home without experiencing the rigour of poor or bad weather conditions of training outside.

The idea behind this product is to keep you fit and motivated throughout the year, as well as prevent poor and ineffective performance caused by poor weather conditions. It is built to help you avoid showing up for your next sport activity unprepared.

The Velo Turbo Trainer comes with a magnetic smooth-running mechanism that keeps your neighbours undisturbed with its noiseless features.

Key features:
  • Setup is effortless
  • Lightweight and foldable for portability
  • Compact and foldable design for easy storage
  • Compatible with all bikes

The PedalPro magnetic turbo trainer is an ideal choice for the lovers of cycling and fitness who wants to have an individual exercise without leaving the house. It has a steel and aluminium-made stand that makes it light and easy to carry. It features a simple setup; your bike will fit in and releases effortlessly.  

This is an inexpensive turbo trainer, that can be easily stored and is suitable for training before running or just to keep yourself in shape. The Turbo trainer works very well with wheels from 26 “to 28”. It keeps your bike safe while pedalling and has a handlebar and front wheel support.

It has a dimension of 54cm X 46cm X 41cm, supports the maximum weight of 120kg and features a lock that prevents the bike’s tyre from slipping.

Key features:
  • Heavy-duty aluminium construction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to set up
  • Quick-release lock

The Minoura LR341 Magnetic Bike Trainer is a fairly priced turbo trainer operates smoothly and quietly. It provides a broad resistance performance. It features a frame designed in U shape, and the trainer is capable of supporting the maximum weight of 120kg. The frame also has foldable stands that need screwing before using the trainer.

The turbo trainer provides a 7-resistance level through a lever that you can control manually. It is an advanced Mag Turbo (AMT), so it produces a wider range of resistance than the standard ones. You can either carry out your speed on higher or lower speed.

This trainer is perfect if you want an intense training that equals hill climbing with your bike. When you speed up to 25km/h, the trainer generates power worth 472 watts. The Minoura is the first turbo trainer to be equipped with a magnetic resistance braking system.

Key features:
  • Lightweight
  • Magnetic turbo braking system
  • Lightweight but solid
  • Broad resistance range

This is the perfect choice if you want to do virtual training without stressing yourself to assemble the device. You just have to attach the rear axle, plug the trainer and connect to your desired app and can start the training. It is foldable, therefore makes it easier to store. 

The Elite Turbo power trainer features an in-built misuro’s Bluetooth and ANT sensor that sends information regarding speed and cadence to devices such as Android and IOS. With the trainer, you can train online, and you can send data to the Elite App. The trainer has a free subscription for the app that is usable for six months. However, you can also use it with other training apps. 

This turbo trainer is one of the most affordable smart trainers available. The resistance is electric and can be controlled by Zwift, TrainerRoad and other compatible apps. It stabilizes well while seated as the contact between the roller and the tyre depends on your weight.

Key features:
  • Power management
  • Compact and stable frame
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Resistance adjustment options

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