10 Best Underlay for Carpets in 2020

Carpet Underlay Tredaire Dreamwalk

The Carpet Underlay Tredaire Dreamwalk is a luxury mat with 11mm thickness to withstand any kind of wear and tear. It keeps the room warm and does not allow heat to escape or dissipate.

Premium Multipurpose Non-Slip Mat and Underlay

The Premium Multipurpose Non-Slip Mat and Underlay is an anti-skid mat which can be used beneath any kind of material. It is genuinely multipurpose and exhibits other excellent properties such as non-adhesive and eco-friendly.

Cloud 9 Cirrus Thick Carpet Underlay Roll

The Cloud 9 Cirrus Thick Carpet Underlay Roll is a spongy mat with a depth of 9mm. It comes in an attractive design and is insulated to keep the area warm along with soundproofing it.

Best Underlay for Carpets
Premium Multipurpose Non-Slip Mat and UnderlayThe multipurpose mat and underlay are anti-skid and non-adhesive, hence can be used beneath anything for increased longevity£
d-c-fix® 336-8204 Anti-slip Carpet UnderlayThe attractive grey colour underlay is anti-skid and available in four sizes to choose from£
Graphite Budget Carpet UnderlayThe underlay is highly cushioned and comes with a decent length to suit any extra-large carpets£
Multi-Rich Wool Felt Carpet UnderlayThe brown coloured underlay has exceptional padding support, which also helps to heat the place££
PU Foam Thick Carpet Underlay RollrThe underlay is highly spongy and has enough length and breadth to suit every space at home££
Luxury Thick PU Carpet UnderlayThe carpet underlay is made of a non-toxic material with enough cushioning and will withstand wear and tear for a long time££
Kosikush Super Thick Cushion Carpet UnderlayThe carpet underlay is a posh product with a springy effect; it is excellent for capturing heat and soundproofing££
Cloud 9 Cirrus Thick Carpet Underlay RollThe carpet underlay feels soft as cotton to walk on but still renders support to the carpet£££
Luxury Thick PU Carpet Underlay RollsThis gorgeous underlay covers a large area and fits in the along with the layout£££
Carpet Underlay Tredaire DreamwalkThe carpet underlay is spongy and robust to increase the life span of the carpet£££


Buying guide to Underlay for Carpets

A carpet underlay may seem like a sheer waste of money for some, but it is as essential as the carpet itself. An underlay creates a barrier that prevents the rug from damage and instead, extends its lifespan. The underlay also provides extra padding on the floor. This factor could act as a saviour in case one happens to drop anything precious or even during a stumble.

It’s excellent for the flooring, and a carpet underlay acts as a barrier to prevent indentation or furniture markings on the floor. 

A carpet underlay acts as a barrier and doesn’t let heat escape from the room. This feature also helps save money on the electricity bill, which might otherwise increase due to room heating. PU, rubber, wool, and foam are some of the materials used to make a carpet underlay. Each element has a unique feature. Some of them are extra cushioned while the others are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable, or both.

There are lots of choices in the market to obtain carpet underlays and here are the 10 underlays carefully chosen to fit everyone’s needs.

 Things to consider before buying a carpet underlay:

  • Anti-skid material: The material of the underlay should not be something that would easily slip with a small amount of force. This would cause injuries and accidents. Please take immense care while choosing the material of the matting.
  • Cushioning: Safety has to be the first criterion when it comes to making any decision in life. The carpet underlays should be thick and padded to support and provide cushioning during a stumble.

The Premium Multipurpose Non-Slip Mat and Underlay is a quality material made of PVC. These are multipurpose liners used for carpets as well as rugs. It is an anti-slip mat and can be used almost anywhere in the house.

The Premium Multipurpose Non-Slip Mat and Underlay can be easily cut into dimensions suitable for the area. These are non-adhesive. Hence they do not stain the flooring. Also, this underlay is both, machine washable and hand washable. The PVC material used is lightweight but still has a lightly padded finish so that there is enough grip and the rug or carpet doesn’t skid easily. The best cordless vacuum cleaners will help you to deep clean your carpets and floors. 


Key features:
  • Gorilla grip lends anti-skid effect to the underlay
  • PVC is used to build this underlay
  • The product can be customized according to the requirement

The d-c-fix® 336-8204 Anti-slip Carpet Underlay has adhesive on both sides to keep the carpet intact. The adhesive doesn’t leave any kind of stain on the flooring when peeled off. The crude texture makes it an anti-slip mat useful for homes even with hyperactive kids who regularly stumble.

The d-c-fix® 336-8204 Anti-slip Carpet Underlay can easily be cut with the help of a scissor to suit the requirements of the space.  The mat comes in 150cm X 235cm dimension, which is the standard size for any carpet. The light grey colour can be camouflaged easily, so even if a tiny bit peeps out, it won’t be visible to guests and visitors. Before placing this underlay prepare and clean your floor with the best steam mop.


Key features:
  • The underlay is suitable for use with underfloor heating
  • It can be easily cut with scissors into the desired dimension
  • It has adhesive properties to stick firmly on the place

The Graphite budget carpet underlay comes in a thickness of 7mm that makes it as comfortable as foam. There is enough padding to save kids, elderly, pets, and expensive devices from severe harm in case of a fall. The material used is polyethene foam. This underlay can also be left as it is since the deep grey colour makes it highly attractive.

It is also strong enough to withstand without a carpet. These are customizable and can easily be cut into the desired dimensions. The underlay works well in any room. Graphite budget carpet underlay comes in the sizing of 12m X 1.2m X 6m which can be moulded according to requirement. Keep the air in your house fresh with ceiling fans.


Key features:
  • The 7mm cushioned padding is safe to use
  • The size is large and can be customized
  • It is a budget-friendly product

The Multi-Rich Wool Felt Carpet Underlay has a thickness of 8mm. It is highly cushioned and suitable for homes with kids who love falling down while playing every now and then. It is an apt product for those looking to soundproof and insulate their homes since it works well for both. 

This product comes in a roll of 15 sq.meters. Hence there is a large quantity that can be cut and used for the entire home. The material used in this underlay is wood that is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable. The Multi-Rich Wool Felt Carpet Underlay does not cause any kind of furniture indentation marks since wool won’t shrink, unlike other materials. Iron your clothes easily and quickly with the best garment steamers.


Key features:
  • Wool makes the product heat and sound proof
  • It can be easily recycled, and will not add to the pile of garbage
  • It has a cushioning of 8mm

The PU Foam Thick Carpet Underlay Roll is 8 mm in thickness and serves as excellent cushioning. It can serve as a unique play area for kids. The company also provides samples in case of doubt. This would save the money spent on purchasing whole rolls of the underlay in case of dissatisfaction.

The entire roll of the PU Foam Thick Carpet Underlay Roll is 15.07sq.meters and comes in a dimension of 11m x 1.37m. It arrives as a multi-coloured PU material which can be used in any part of the house. The underlay can be easily cut and used in different places. It contains an adhesive to hold it in place without skidding.

Key features:
  • PU material does not shrink
  • It has adhesives that stick to the flooring
  • It can easily be cut with a sharp pair of scissors

The Luxury Thick PU Carpet Underlay arrives in a huge roll measuring 11m x 1.37m, that is suitable for an area of 15meter square. The entire roll is enough to fulfil the needs of a medium sized home. It also consists of an excellent thickness measuring 12mm. A carpet on this underlay can prove to be an appropriate area for the kids since they won’t injure themselves during playtime. 

The Luxury Thick PU Carpet Underlay is a quality product manufactured in the UK which helps in lending an elegant look to the interiors of the home. The company also provides free samples in case the customer wants to be satisfied with the quality of the mat before investing.


Key features:
  • It has a thickness of 12mm
  • One roll is enough for 15 square meters
  • It is environmentally friendly

The Kosikush Super Thick Cushion Carpet Underlay arrives in different thicknesses of 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm so the customer can decide which one to buy according to the requirement. The underlay is excellent for heat insulation and can save a few big bucks from electricity bills.

The Kosikush Super Thick Cushion Carpet Underlay is also soundproof. It is highly luxurious and suitable for all spaces at home, that include hallways and stairs. Since the carpet underlay is available in varied sizes, customers are not required to do the cutting themselves. These underlays can withstand a considerable amount of wear and tear and still go on in excellent condition for a long time.


Key features:
  • The underlay is available in various sizes
  • It is customized by the company
  • It is insulated and soundproof

The Cloud 9 Cirrus thick carpet underlay roll has a thickness of 9mm, and it literally feels like walking on clouds. The carpet underlay is beautiful and can be used at any place in the house. It is insulated and will not let heat escape, lending you a warm home without paying a huge electricity bill.

The tog rating of this product is 2.6, which is an ideal value for insulation. It is also soundproof and reduces sound up to 39 db. The Cloud 9 Cirrus thick carpet underlay roll can cover an area of 15 sq. meters as it has a length of 11 meters and 1.37-meter breadth.


Key features:
  • The underlay does soundproofing and insulating
  • It has a tog rating of 2.6 tog
  • The thick cushioning of 9mm is exceptionally spongy

The Luxury Thick PU Carpet Underlay Roll has a depth of 12mm, and it provides some reliable support to the carpet. The padded underlay is spongy and will not shrink quickly. The manufacturers offer free samples so that the user can examine the superior quality of the product before investing his money.

An entire roll of Luxury Thick PU Carpet Underlay is enough to cover an area of 15 sq. mt. with a length of 11 meters and width 1.37 meters. The material used is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, hence safe to be used at home for a long time. The carpet underlay could easily be cut to meet the requirement of the user.


Key features:
  • The material is Grade A, which is environmentally friendly
  • The depth of this mat is 12mm
  • The carpet fits beautifully without any lumps

The Carpet Underlay Tredaire Dreamwalk is a high-end luxury mat with a thickness of 11mm. It significantly insulates the area and doesn’t allow heat to escape. The tog rating of this product is 3.13 tog. It also soundproofs the area up to 46db.

An entire roll is enough to carpet an area of 15 sq.mt. This product can be used anywhere in the house, along with areas where more people are walking around. The matting is strong enough to withstand a lot of traffic.


Key features:
  • The underlay can keep the room cosy and warm
  • It has a thickness of 9mm
  • It can be placed even in a crowded area with a high number of footfalls