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10 Best Wireless Thermostats in 2020

Tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+

The machine can be operated with the help of voice control and is excellent for homes with children, senior citizens, and pets.

NASHONE Programmable Wireless RF Thermostat Plug with Timer

Different temperatures can be set for different timers with this device. This device is budget-friendly and fabulous for people who travel a lot.

Honeywell Home Lyric T6 Wired Smart Internet Enabled Thermostat

The device has a touchscreen display which helps in smooth operation and also works with Alexa to regulate the temperature.

NASHONE Programmable Wireless RF Thermostat Plug with TimerThe batteries in the device can work for three months or more£
Qiumi WiFi Programmable Gas Boiler ThermostatVarious voice assistant supports help control the heating system£
Beok BOT-313 WiFi Programmable Gas Boiler ThermostatThe device can be used for all types of gas boilers£
Drayton Wiser Smart Heating Radiator ThermostatThe device can be used for long as the battery life is one year£
Honeywell Home DT92E1000 RF Digital Room ThermostatThe device helps in increasing the effectiveness of the boilers££
Netatmo Smart Thermostat for Individual BoilerThe app in the device is compatible with Android and iOS££
Honeywell Home Lyric T6 Wired Smart Internet Enabled ThermostatThe schedule settings help in scheduling home temperature automatically for any time of the day££
Hive Active Heating and Hot Water ThermostatUse geolocation feature to check whether the heating system is switched on or off£££
Nest Learning ThermostatThe thermostat is compatible with all kinds of boilers£££
Tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit V3+The device can be operated through voice command£££

Best Wireless Thermostat UK

Controlling the internal temperature at your home, business, or office is a necessity with the extreme weather conditions in the UK. With the ever changing temperatures, people find it challenging to control internal temperatures during work or in the house, leading to discomfort and sometimes, even sickness. The best way to control internal temperature is with the help of a thermostat. These can help regulate and monitor temperatures to provide optimum working and living environments for everyone. 

With leaps and bounds in technology, home improvement has come out with wireless thermostats that can be controlled with a wireless internet connection. This thermostat can be connected via smartphone and through the internet. The thermostat can be controlled remotely, even if you are away from your home or office. This option is excellent for homes with senior citizens, pets, and children. 


Buying Guide for Wireless Thermostat

· Effortless Programming: Thermostats can be programmed to know the schedule of raising and lowering the temperature as per the  schedule. You should be able to remotely control and set the heat as needed for ease of use.

· Wireless connectivity: The temperature can be easily controlled from the device to which thermostat is connected. The thermostat should be connected to the home or office internet connection.

· Maintenance alerts: The device alerts the owner when there is a need to change the filter, or any other maintenance needs to be done.

The Nashone Programmable Wireless RF Thermostat has the feature of setting different temperatures at different times. There are four timer programs available in the device, which can be used for four thermostat programs. The device is featured with 2.4GHz RF and wireless automatic pairing technology. Signals are transmitted at a fast speed, and the two batteries present in the device can be used for three months. 

The design of remote control of the Nashone Programmable Wireless RF Thermostat is flat and can also be attached to the wall. The screen is significant, and users can check the readings quickly. The backlight turns off automatically when the device is not in use. Many choices are available in the device like measuring the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, the season of the day, battery indicator, etc. If you need some relaxation and fun at the end of the day, consider our best inflatable hot tubs

Key features:
  • Remote control
  • Child protection socket available
  • Set different temperatures and timers

This device can be controlled with the help of voice command, and the tools that it supports are Amazon Echo, Tmall Genie, Google Home, and IFTTT voice control. WiFi control for iOS and Android device is also available. Users can control their home temperatures with the help of smartphones, thanks to WiFi connectivity. In other words, mobiles can be used as remote controls. The device has 5 x 2 six programmable settings, which helps in increasing comfort.

The LCD temperature helps in checking the reading conveniently. Users can also view the readings in the dark. The user interface of the device is secure, and children can also use the device comfortably. The device supports only 2.4 GHz frequency, and users should check its compatibility with the heating system before purchasing it. An app is available in Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Choose the right type of cookware for you and see our guide on the best pans for induction hobs.

Key features:
  • LCD screen for easy reading
  • Easy to use user interface
  • 2.4GHz frequency is supported

People can purchase this device to save energy and money. The device can be controlled with the help of BeokHome app, which can be easily installed on Android and iOS mobiles. Users can change the temperature of the room from anywhere. Scheduling program is available in the app. This functionality helps users set the temperature according to their schedule. 

The device has been made from superb quality plastic. The circuit design is accurate, and the device has a long life. The device can be easily installed, and there is no need for professional installation. It is suitable only for gas boilers. Users can schedule the temperature in the form of 5 + 2, 6 + 1, or seven days. Cook delicious food very easily and quickly with the best combination microwaves.

Key features:
  • Suitable for all gas boilers
  • Various schedule settings available
  • App can be installed easily

This radiator thermostat can work only with the Wiser Smart Heating System, which comes with a Wiser Heat Hub. The existing valves in the heating system should be replaced by Wiser smart thermostats, which can be done very quickly. Users can add small radiator thermostats in different rooms. In this case, one thermometer is enough for one radiator. This will help in obtaining maximum efficiency and comfort. The heating control can be monitored with the help of the Wiser app, which can be installed on Android and iOS devices. 

The device can be operated with the help of voice commands and the tools used for the purpose are Google Assistant, Alexa, and IFTTT. If an open window is detected, the heating is stopped automatically. Two AA batteries are used to provide power to the device, which works for 12 months. Battery life also depends upon the usage of the device. For more useful home products see our guide on the best rotary washing lines.

Key features:
  • Thermostat installation for every room
  • Open window detection
  • Battery life 12 months

This is a digital thermostat, which can be used with any boiler like a gas boiler, oil boiler, underfloor boiler, and many others. There is an ECO button which can be used in energy saving. The switch can be used to schedule temperatures and also reduce energy demands. The device has a feature of time proportion and energy control, which increases the efficiency of the boilers. There is an OFF setting that can be used for safety from frost and hypothermia. 

The weight of this device is only 440 grams, and dimensions are 16 x 12 x 10.6 cm. Two batteries are required to let the device work. The device is made up of plastic, and many types of finishes are available, which make it look elegant. The wireless thermostat can be used only indoors.

Key features:
  • ECO button for energy saving
  • Energy demand is reduced
  • Boilers efficiency is increased

This thermostat can be used to save energy cost and heat the home as per your schedule. The device can be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or computer and heating of the house can be controlled remotely. Voice command can also be used to manage the temperature with the help of Google Assistant or Siri. The device comes with an Auto Adapt function, which switches the heating system automatically when it thinks that residents need heating. The device is easy to install, and a high-speed internet connection is required for operation. 

The app in the device can be used easily with Android and iOS devices. It is compatible with Android 4.2 and above, and iOS 9 and above. The device is compatible with all kinds of boilers like oil boilers, gas boilers, underfloor boilers, etc. The weight of the thermostat is 404 grams.

Key features:
  • Save energy cost
  • High-speed internet connection required
  • App compatible with Android and iOS

This is a simple device that consists of a touchscreen interface. Users can use the touchscreen to make changes in temperatures along with scheduling and overriding it. The screen is large, and the text is displayed clearly. The device comes with a Honeywell app, which users can operate to control the heating system of their house. The app helps in automatic synchronization with the thermostat schedules. 

The location feature present in mobile phones helps the thermostat communicate with the Honeywell app. The helps in detecting whether the home is occupied or vacant. Users can also set the temperature when they are returning home. The schedule settings available in the device help the users in setting the temperature as per their schedule. The settings are seven days, 5/2 days, and single-day scheduling.

Key features:
  • Touchscreen interface
  • Schedule settings as per day and time
  • Display has a large font

This is a device that helps to control the heating of the house through a smartphone. This can be done with the help of the Hive app, which can be easily installed on Android and iOS mobile. The app lets users manage the heating and to set six schedules in a day. The thermostat comes with geolocation, which helps in checking if the heating system is switched on or off when the home is vacant. 

Users can also give voice command with the help of Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. The thermostat provides the feature of controlled heating and hot water from anywhere with the help of the app. The device is beautifully designed, and its installation is also effortless. The device helps the users to save energy, which also leads to lower energy bills.

Key features:
  • App compatible with Android and iOS
  • Control heating system from any location
  • Voice command to operate the thermostat

This device is programmable, and users can control the heating of the house efficiently. With the help of this device, users can control twenty thermostats in their home. The temperature can be easily controlled with the help of apps present in iOS and Android mobiles. Energy saving is easy due to the presence of smart programming. The thermostat has the feature of adjusting itself as per the temperature preferred by the users. 

The temperature is also adjusted automatically according to the outside weather and insulation inside the house. The built-in activity sensors present in the device use the location feature of the mobile and stops heating the home when it is vacant. The device is compatible with all types of heating systems like gas boilers, oil boilers, heat pumps, and many others. The installation of the device is secure, and there is no need for professional installation.

Key features:
  • Easy Installation
  • Compatible with all boilers
  • Adjusts temperature automatically

The thermostat comes with the Tado App, which helps homeowners control the temperature through their mobile. The benefit of using this device is that users can save a lot of heating bills thanks to features like geofencing, weather adaptation, open window detection, and so on. The device also lets the owner know about the freshness of the air and outdoor air quality. This helps maintain optimum temperatures inside the house. 

The device comes with an auto assist feature in which users have the option of automating geofencing and open window detection. They have to pay a monthly fee of £2.99. The subscription can be cancelled any time. The device has the feature of voice control, and users can give voice commands to control the temperature. This can be done with the help of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Homekit, and IFTTT.

Key features:
  • Operation through voice control
  • Maintains optimum temperatures
  • Saves heating bill